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Thread: [Change Log] 09/04/19

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    [Change Log] 09/04/19

    9th of April 2019

    • The Easter Event 2019 will be technically implemented into the game: the event will officially begin on April 15th!
    • Adjusted the prices of adventures for Map Fragments and Gems in the adventure merchant category; you can read more about this change here.

    • Improved the pop-up validation window in the Excelsior UI.
    • Fixed an issue that prevented Guild Quests from being completed.
    • Fixed an issue that made it impossible to send further units to the Training Expedition.
    • Added missing tooltip text for the Christmas Market skin in the merchant.
    • The Observatory buffs now apply to Generals with skills affecting travel time.
    • The production of the Endless Copper Mine was improved to match the other Endless Mines.
    • Fixed an issue that caused the Haunted Mansion to not start construction when placed on the Home Zone.

    You are invited to provide feedback > here. <
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