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Thread: [Feedback] Dev Notes: Improvements for Weekly Challenges

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    Just out of curiosity: Doesn anyone from BB actually read these threads or is it just made so players can let out some steam ???

    I will agree with most people in this thread: I don't think I'll do the weekly and it is primarily because of the "play 3 rare/coop adventures". I am not playing 24-7 so making enough YWC to get the (rare) adventures required is not doable for me ... I like my wife and kids and playing is secondary to them ... sorry.

    Still think that the best replacement for the adventures should be that you have to accumulate a number of XP e.g. 1,5 mio XP for level 66 and up, and there could be limits like:
    1) you can only play an adventure once
    2) you have to have 1 coop adventure (2 player should be doable)
    3) Scouting post count
    4) you have to play a classical, tailor and Ali baba adventure (if level permits)
    5) you have to play a random unpopular adventure (SE, VTV, DB etc.)

    That would also allow me to do some Mountain clan ventures.

    That would make it more fun to play.. especially if they also stopped the "kill off XXX expensive elite troops".. A produce X "swordsmen / mounted swordsmen / Knight" instead, which could be used for the adventures would be more acceptable.
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    I am fine with produce resources and pay some of them (like a quality check, did you make the right paper etc, say 10 to 20%), but not with paying twice the ammount

    I am fine with parking troops for the duration of the weekly in limbo (like a guard force for the duration of the challenge, returning to your island afterwards), but not have them gone forever

    I am fine with coops as part of the challenge, its only one in 4 of the options and either guildies or trade can help ye easily to fill them

    I am not fine with: paying huge ammounts of resources, sacrificing massive ammounts of troops or having to do the same 4 adv over and over, that makes getting the adv hard to hard.

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    Thank you for the tokens BB. That's a nice gesture!

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    Maybe change the order of the tasks? For example Town Construction: for my level the first task is "Sinbad And The Besieged City". Almost impossible to get the adventure or a ls. Put the adventure task last pls, as for the other Weekly Challenges. At least we could get the other tokens.

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    Still not worth doing, way too much stuff needed for 2 coins

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    While the rewards are spread (good) and slightly increased overall (good) some of the tasks are still incredibly way too expensive, at least at lvl 66+

    Town construction:
    Pay 1900 gold coins
    Build and delegate 445 besiegers
    Pay 19.000 granite

    Archaeological Excavation:
    Pay 2.200 book fittings
    Build and delegate 615 Swordmen
    Build and delegate 385 Marksmen
    3x storm recovery costing 3.300 grout 1350 beans 1200 salt
    Pay 3700 gold coins

    Build and delegate 415 knights
    Build and delegate 295 Armoured Marksmen
    Pay 3600 gold coins
    3x Treasure of wisdom

    Kingdom Defence:
    Pay 740 wagons
    Pay 4.000 gunpowder
    Pay 2600 gold
    3x Whirlwind
    Build and delegate 55 crossbowmen
    Build and delegate 815 Swordmen
    Build and delegate 295 Mounted Marksmen

    All the "Build and delegate" have noted above have in common that they are far less produced in regular gameplay. Additionally these type of quests feel bad, you're wasting barracks time and then flushing those units down the toilet for.. nothing. At least using them up in adventures to kill some camps or whatever feels like you do something with those losses. Additionally, the top end units like besiegers are not lost in general gameplay unless you make a mistake, so making more of these than most players will have, and then flushing them is horrid.

    Flushing expensive resources mentioned above is also giving the same feeling as flushing units down the toilet.

    For the above mentioned adventures: relying on other ppl (whirlwind), rng (3x ToW) or expensive resources (storm recovery) is also not very desirable to say the least.

    My suggestion, as they no doubt have been suggested before:
    • Remove the top-unit(XB, MM, AM, B) delegations, reduce numbers on the required units that people lose via normal gameplay (msw, sw, knights)
    • Change rng-followup, co-op, super expensive ventures into other store buyable adventures at 3k-5k map fragments or something
    • Reduce the expensive-resource requirements significantly, or change it to produce-targets only.
    • Consider implementing a weekly-enemy-island, where players get a week to fight enemies landed on some new piece on un-buildable island near the main island. This would incur the cost in a more fun and engaging way instead of just flushing resources/units down the drain.

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    Still not doing them - 2 tokens is not worth the effort.
    Still don't want to give away troops without doing any adventures. Still don't want to be bullied by a red flashing arrow that said I failed, to do something you tell me is optional, and it is my choice not to do. Still feel you treat me like an idiot when you ask me to do something from a list of one.
    If for some reason support feels the need to edit what I wrote, please delete entire post instead, dont put words into my mouth that I never said.

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    I started to do at least some parts of them to get over token upgrade of Wondrous Residence. Even the cheapest parts I'm not sure they are worth it, but doing them anyway. Chances of me finishing anyone whole Weekly Challenge are minimal as troops and resources donations in most of them are still just insane. It's still very exclusive and unattractive for average player like me and would need further tweaks to make it an integral valued part of the game for me. Mainly in terms of reducing high end troops and expensive resources donation as others said above, or massively increasing XP and token rewards for these insane parts to make them worth it.

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