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Thread: Reviving troops

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    Reviving troops

    I'm also playing another game, which consider also battling and it has an option to revive lost units. I know, we already have a skill in general's skill tree, which gives back a percentage of lost troops, but I was thinking to create a building (of course, expensive), which allows a player to revive the lost units of a general (also your choise if just from 1 or more generals + 1 in time or more... still to develop). What resources do we need to pay for and how long to wait for total revive... these and other things are on you, but still the idea seems good for me as I see many people are complaining about the big losses (specially in MMC chain and some Ali Baba's). Concluding: if you create the building, the losses will be lower, but the total gain (prices of maps, lootspots will be the same) will increase and people will like the game even more! Think a bit and let me know by replying.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Michelle25 View Post
    as I see many people are complaining about the big losses (specially in MMC chain and some Ali Baba's)
    Really? When you reach the lvl to play MCC and before that AB, you are used to "big" losses.
    The point is btw not so much about how many troops you loose, but more of what kind and that is why people develop their own guide that suits their playing style, gens skills.
    Try working out the Weather Station instead, as this is meant to make more combos possible?
    And it is fairly easy to gain pop back: plenty in loot in basic and FT advs and I'm not even talking about bread people or mercs gained...

    What would be the point anyway of "quickly" reviving some pop if your economy would struggle to produce the resources needed to retrain them, make new weapons etc?
    Everything takes time in this game and this is how it has become a long-term planning game, probably to the opposite of that other game you play, where I guess everything can be done quickly, but against bigger investment of proper money and a much higher turnaround of players (thus a much shorter lifespan).

    I like the fact that there's little to no shortcuts in TSO.
    If you want something, one has to be play regularly and if one cannot, then it still might happen but at a much slower pace.

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    Don 't we have that building already? It is called (Elite) Barracks.

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