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Thread: Better Testing - reward players for helping

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    Quote Originally Posted by BB_Torkav View Post
    I'd just like to point out that the Christmas Tree has been much improved with the [Change Log] 19/03/19 and the Observatory is almost fully functional now (only the Quartermaster Generals need a fix).
    Mechanic to customer: Your car is ready sir, it's almost fully functional, just needs some tyres...

    Shop owner to customer: Your vacuum cleaner is almost fully functional, just needs a motor.

    'Almost fully functional' means nothing, it should function correctly.

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    its not just BB with these probs. just about every game wether its browser or PC has bugs in that never seem to get fixed.

    Ive bought games on steam that had so many bugs in they were unplayable. But was never able to get my money back and the devs just scrapped the game and went onto a new game without fixing the older game they sold.
    Some devs r under presurre from steam just to knock out games as fast as possible without checking to see if they work 1st or not.
    In the end its all about making money rather than making sure games work properly.

    The CEO of 1 browser game i used to play did a press release saying he didnt give a stuff if the games worked or not he only wanted to get as much money out of players as possible before scrapping the game. Needless to say i quit that game when i saw it as did most of the other players.

    There is 1 or 2 browser game devs that r always fixing games as soon as probs get reported and they have a lot of loyal players cause they work with the players to fix probs as soon as they get reported. But very few do that.

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