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Thread: HorseBack normans Guide Tweak for 16 min run

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    HorseBack normans Guide Tweak for 16 min run

    With the Easter payout HB is 1 of the best for quick runs ie: 16 mins from start Adv & sending Gens to finish, Normans guide just needed a few tweaks to speed things up

    Troops RQ'd

    2 X MG, 2 X Mary, MMA, Nusala, MoD, Mad Scientist
    980R, 305E, 20S, 220K, 145Cav

    When Gens are landing fire up a horseshoe buff to save time

    Block Send 1 after the other
    1: MoD 145 Cav
    2: Mary 20S 180R
    3: MG 110K 160R

    4: Nusala 105E 60R

    Block Send 1 after the other
    6: MoD 145 Cav
    7: MG 110K 160R

    8: Mad Scientist (or any BHG) 80E 120R
    9: Mary 120E 80R

    5: MMA 220R
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