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Thread: Community Update - 15th of May 2019

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    Community Update - 15th of May 2019

    Dear Settlers,

    Today we would like to offer you a quick update regarding some important topics. Please note that the points listed below represent our current intentions, and it might happen that final solutions will differ from the steps described below.

    Easter 2019 Achievements
    Some players experienced an issue with certain Easter 2019 Quests not showing up properly. Due to that, completing some of the Easter 2019 achievements was not possible. The root cause has been identified and we have a potential fix.

    Next steps:
    During one of the upcoming maintenances, execute a special script that will mark quest-related Easter 2019 achievements as done. It will grant the Achievement Points, however, rewards connected to them (e.g. a "Love Potion" buff) will not be granted.

    Long loading times and/or Loading being stuck
    Unfortunately we are still struggling to find the root cause of that issue. We have some ideas on how to improve the overall situation, but it is too early to promise anything. Since quite a while, this topic is our main focus, however, there is no clear solution developed yet. We promise to keep you up-to-date as soon as we know more.

    Next steps:
    Keep analyzing the logs and keep trying to troubleshoot the issue, and work on a solution. More information to follow in the (hopefully) near future.

    Mountain Clan Campaign Blueprints
    Some of you experience an issue with Mountain Clan Campaign Blueprints that are connected to the Epic Forge.

    Next steps:
    During one of the upcoming maintenances, execute a special script that will fix the issue.

    Mountain Clan Campaign Venture #5 (fog issue)
    In some cases, the fog on the Venture #5 is not disappearing as it should. With the version deployment in May, we will introduce a solution that will fix one of the edge cases. It might happen that this will not solve all of the "fog problems", still, it is one of the steps into that direction.

    Next steps:
    Deploy a version in May 2019 that fixes one of the edge cases causing the "fog issue" on Venture #5, and keep an eye on the situation.

    Observatory building
    The majority of the generals are working fine with the Observatory building. As of today, there is still at least one edge case that is being actively investigated (Quartermaster General and Quartermaster Claus sometimes don’t work correctly when buffed by the Observatory - Bug Report Thread).
    More information to follow in the near future.

    Next steps:
    During one of the upcoming maintenances, deploy a fix for the edge case.

    Kind regards,
    Your "The Settlers Online" Team
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