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Thread: [Feedback] Community Update 28/05/19

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    [Feedback] Community Update 28/05/19

    Please feel free to leave your thoughts and comments on the Community Update 28/05/19 below.

    The original post can be found here.

    Happy commenting!

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    I appreciate that you communicate with us in this way to say the least. Other than that it's hard to add much. Wish you fixed things faster, or even better reduced the amount of bugs you release into live servers. Anyway, keep informing us. Makes me feell a bit better and more positive about the game.

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    My feedback regarding the long loading time fix (on main server, NOT test server): for me, it seems to have completely resolved the issue in both opera and vivaldi, both of which were affected previously. However, I still have problems with long loading times in chrome and these are slightly worse than before. Whereas a refresh page or 2 used to resolve the issue (which happened about a third of the time I tried to log in), now I often need to delete cache, even if I'd previously deleted it only a few hours ago and have not since used the chrome browser. Plus the problem also seems to have increased, I now have trouble logging in about 50% of the time. Just letting you know in case this info is useful in any way to help resolve the issue, not because I'm having a moan! :P

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