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Thread: Storm recovery bug.

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    Unhappy Storm recovery bug.

    Subquest Cleansing (use 20 Poison, 16 Shovel, 11 Stinky Potion, 11 Decomposer).

    Since this subquest has a fail condition i was extra careful:
    1. checked i had all the right buffs: 20 Poison, 16 Shovel, 11 Stinky Potion, 11 Decomposer.
    2. used all the shovels. when using last one there were no more buildings highlighted = no more possibility to use shovels.
    3. used all the poison. no problems.
    4. opening the star to use the last 2 buff types i noticed there was somehow still 1 shovel in star and when selected a building that i previously used shovels on highlighted and i used the last shovel.
    5. at this point i was suspicious so i was extra extra careful. checked star for any more shovels and poison. none. then searched for them with search bar. no results. good.
    6. so selected stinky potion and started using it. half way through i get the dreaded red Quest failed popup arrow. Confused. sure enough there is no more stinky potions and there are still places to use them.
    7. thinking it was some kind of lag issue logged out for over 30 min so stinky potions would reappear.
    8. after logging in the quest is still failed. Instead of 3 Stinky potions 3 Poison have reappeared to Star menu. Poisons that i had used. Poisons that i had triple checked that none were left before using Stinky potions.

    So thats how you get makapad on Storm recovery.
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    I had the same, 2 shovels left over when I logged back in again after quest failed even though I had placed them all.. I just assumed it was a lag thing

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