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Thread: Gift xmas tree no longer gifting

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    Gift xmas tree no longer gifting *solved*

    Has anyone elses xmas gift tree stopped working?

    The timer always expires at around 9am each Saturday, as it has done this week, but the tree has no gifts for me. The timer has also disappeared now too, so Im left with 2 huge ornamental trees

    This is the first time this has happened, so not sure what was implemented on my island to cause the issue.

    EDIT - I took down both trees and rebuilt them and the gift appeared
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thejollyone View Post

    EDIT - I took down both trees and rebuilt them and the gift appeared
    Maybe it was just happy you rebuild it?
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    I found mine doesn't allow you to click on the thingy to get a gift automatically after the 7 days, but when I logged out and back in again a couple hours later it was working. there's something wrong with the event triggering (again).
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    Mine are working just fine, picked this up today...

    I also received 2 tomes a couple months ago. I like the gift trees, they just sit there not asking for anything and once a week they drop some (occasionally quite useful) stuff. Sure the implementation is clunky and the associated side quest is annoying, but it certainly doesn't ruin my entire day.

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