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Thread: [Dev Diary] Summer Event 2019

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    [Dev Diary] Summer Event 2019

    More information about the upcoming Summer Event 2019

    Dear Settlers,

    The long-awaited Summer Event is making its way to the live servers again! It's going to kick-off with brand new features: an exciting specialist, building, quest chain, buffs and a plethora of changes compared to previous editions.

    New aspects & changes are highlighted in blue color.


    Event Start: Monday, 24th of June ~ 10:00 CEST
    Start of removal phase: 15th of July, ~ 10:00 CEST
    Complete deactivation: 22nd of July, ~ 10:00 CEST
    Level requirement: 16+

    If your level is below 16, you will receive a quest tasking you to reach level 16. So hurry up, you surely don't want to miss out on all the fun!


    • New Explorer: Adventurous Explorer
    • New Geologist: Archeological Geologist
    • New Battle Buff: Rain of Flaming Arrows
    • New Residence Building: Tree House
    • New Storage Building: Storage Tower
    • Summer Event Version of Wondrous Residence
    • New footie field buff
    • Buff available for footballs: Premium Friend Buff
    • Seasonal XP adventure boost added - all adventures give 3x more XP and 2x more loot (excluding buildings/buffs)
    • Footballs added to Venture loots - all ventures now grant footballs too
    • The event calendar rewards have been improved significantly
    • New Friar Tribute
    • New Joyous Bundle Item in shop
    • Observatory Recipes added to the black market
    • Improved Lettersmith production speed bonus increased from 25% to 50%

    Have a kick-around in the
    dedicated feedback thread.
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    The event resource is called Footballs. They can be traded and are listed in the Storehouse (Event tab) as usual.

    Footballs can be gathered in a variety of ways:
    • Collectible footballs spawn on the home zone
    • Normal Adventures will drop footballs, including scenarios, mini-missions and ventures
    • Event adventures from the event calendar always drop a fixed amount of footballs
    • Event quests reward footballs
    • Treasure hunts will reward footballs on top of the usual loot
    • Event achievements reward the player with Footballs upon completion
    • The merchant
    • Trading with other players

    In 2018 we introduced the quest chain A Host of Responsibilities, that starts at level 22 or above. It deals with the costs and responsibilities of hosting tournament matches on your island. The rewards focus on coins, a stacking population growth buff (that is immediately applied; it doesn't go to the star menu), and a big reward for completing the whole chain. The new quest chain's sub-quests unlock after a certain number of days after your first login during the event, and not the event start.

    For the first 15 days of the event, a new quest in this chain will be unlocked and starts if or when you have finished the preceding one. For example, if you don't finish the first quest until the third day, then you will get the second quest immediately upon completing it, followed by the third quest after the second one is done. If you then complete the third quest on day three, you will still not receive the fourth quest until the fourth day of the event. The daily time during which a new quest is unlocked should match the first time that you logged in during the event.

    Every day, you will receive a random quest, similar in scope to regular daily quests, that will reward various tactical resources. Active premium time will not offer a second quest!

    A tournament quest chain will guide you through the mechanics of the event, in regard to collecting of tactical resources, production of tactics buffs and their use in the event scenarios. The quest chain is linked to the Fixture List, as the quests will often ask you to open certain doors.

    In order to access the Fixture List, just click on the icon next to your avatar.

    There is a total of 21 doors. You can open one door each day. Opening missed doors for gems has been increased to 100 gems for normal doors and 300 gems for special doors due to a much higher value in the calendar.

    Don't forget to open the doors daily and also remind your friends to do so!

    Type: Regular door
    Amount: 11
    Description: Can be opened on the specific date displayed or for 100 gems afterwards
    Requirement: It doesn't matter if previous doors are still closed or not
    Rewards: Provides basic rewards (such as resources), sometimes chosen randomly

    Type: Adventure door
    : Can be opened any time for free, once the respective date was reached
    Requirement: It doesn't matter if previous doors are still closed or not
    Rewards: One of the Summer Event Adventures

    Type: Special door
    Amount: 5
    Description: Can be opened on the specific date displayed or for 300 gems afterwards.
    Requirement: All previous doors need to be open
    Rewards: Most special doors offer a choice between several rewards when opened

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    There are 12 different Tactical Resources which you can use in the Provision House to produce Tactical Items. These tactical resources are tradeable and can be acquired in the following ways:

    • As loot from regular adventures
    • As collectables on the home island
    • As additional loot from treasure searches
    • As a reward for event quest
    • As purchase from the in-game merchant

    Tactical resource Adventure Drop Treasure Loot Collectibles
    Shoe Item Icon Item Icon
    Banana peel Item Icon Item Icon
    Red Color Item Icon Item Icon
    Telescope Item Icon Item Icon
    Fist Item Icon Item Icon
    Training dummy Item Icon Item Icon
    Elastic spring Item Icon Item Icon
    Shoulder pad Item Icon Item Icon
    Helmet Item Icon Item Icon
    Studs Item Icon Item Icon
    Wet Grass Item Icon Item Icon
    Grease Item Icon Item Icon
    Footballs Item Icon Item Icon Item Icon

    Tactical items are obtained through the Provision House, and can be used as follows:
    • They are needed to successfully complete Event Adventures.
    • Most of them are usable against multiple different skills.
    • They are produced from combinations of types of 2 Tactical Resources (except for "Red Card", that requires Advanced Paper)

    Adventure Doors can be opened any time for free, once the respective date was reached (even if previous doors were not opened).
    Therefore, every player is able to play all the available adventures. In this year's event all adventures give 3x XP and double loot (excluding buildings/buffs)!
    Footballs have been added to the loot of Ventures and coop football loot has been boosted.



    Aladdin and the Beautiful princess

    Ali Baba and the Treasure of Wisdom

    Storm Recovery

    Ali Baba the Young Woodcutter

    Ali Baba and the First Thief

    Ali Baba and the Third Thief

    The Invasion of the Nords (Nords 2)

    Mad Marry (Mad Henry)

    Ali Baba and the Treasure of Knowledge

    Sindbad and the Besieged City

    Sindbad and the Sea Snake

    Bandit's Nest


    Arctic Explosion

    Bastille Island


    Ali Baba and the Second Thief

    Pirate Life

    Old Friends

    Aladdin and the Oil Lamp

    Sons of the Veld

    Return to the Bandit's Nest (New Bandit's Nest)


    More Secluded Experiments

    Surprise Attack

    Sleepy Reef

    The Heroic Little Tailor

    The Betrayed Little Tailor

    Secluded Experiments

    The Clever Little Tailor

    Sons of the Little Tailor

    The Valiant Little Tailor

    The Nords

    Lakeside Treasure

    Dark Brotherhood


    Witch of the Swamp

    Stealing from the Rich

    The Siege

    Victor the Vicious

    Tikki Island

    Tropical Sun

    Sleeping Volcano

    The Lost Skull

    Roaring Bull


    Tomb Raiders

    Island of the Pirates

    Black Knights

    Raiding the Raiders

    Motherly Love

    The Dark Priests

    Buccaneer Roundup

    Heart of the Woods

    The Grain Conflict (Safe the Towns)


    Riches of the Mountain

    Old Ruins

    The Shaman

    Of Songs and Curses
    The Dragon's Roost
    El Chupacabra
    Raid Of The Nords
    The Lost City
    One Step Ahead
    The Fisherman and his Wife
    Hansel and Gretel
    The Pied Piper of Hamelin
    Red Riding Hood
    Snow White
    At the Foot of the Mountain
    Unknown Regions
    Mountain Labyrinth
    The People of The Mountain
    A Giant Battle
    Valuable Intel

    5 non-combat Event Adventures inspired by football matches become available through the Fixture List: Practice Match, Round of 16, Quarter-Finals, Semi-Finals, and Finals.

    The goal of the Special Event Adventures is to win football matches by countering all of the opponents' skills.
    You do this by applying the correct Tactical Items. Every opponent unit/skill can be defeated by either of two Tactical Items (your choice).

    Adventure Tournament Mode
    Bear in mind that your matches have to be completed in order. You will not be able to start an adventure if you haven’t completed the quest to beat the previous one first (*). To make things easier, if you cancel one of the adventures it will return to you by mail. Your progress will not be saved, but you won’t get stuck and you can use this method to scout your opponent’s skills.

    * The adventure "Practice match" does not have to be completed.

    Completing event related achievements is a means of earning footballs. The achievements do not contribute to the overall achievement score and the ones that have not been earned by the end of the event will be hidden from the achievement menu.
    The achievements deal with many aspects of the event:
    • Completing tournament adventures
    • Opening all doors of the Fixture List
    • Completing Summer quests
    • Earning footballs through explorer searches
    • Collecting event collectables
    • Producing tactical buffs
    • Trading tactical resources

    Winning all matches earns you a golden statue: the Champion's Trophy 2019!

    A new Achievement has been added: Training Marathon - Complete 25 Mini missions to obtain the Friar Tribute!
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    Adventurous Explorer

    Her pace is achieved by taking a higher risk and not preparing as much as her colleagues. As result she has a vast experience which lets her find 50% more treasure and she also needs less provisions on adventure searches.

    Archeological Geologist

    A geologist with a fable for soccer and archeology. Not just looking for resources lets him always find something great on the side. Has a chance to find Treasure when successfully discovering a deposit. This can be a deposit refiller, a buff or even a book.

    Ticket Amount
    Item Name
    Item Amount
    5 Mining Guide  2
    5 Rock Mining Guide 2
    10 Zombie 2
    10 Stadium Snacks 2
    10 Bag of rainbow snow 2
    10 Elixir 2
    10 Machine oil 2
    10 Gold fever
    5 Rain of arrows 1
    5 Rain Of Flaming Arrows 1
    5 Codex 1
    5 Manuscript 1
    5 Tome 1
    1 Codex 2
    1 Manuscript 2
    1 Tome 2
    20 Deposit Refill - Iron Ore 200
    20 Deposit Refill - Copper Ore 200
    20 Deposit Refill - Gold Ore 200
    20 Deposit Refill - Granite 200
    20 Deposit Refill - Titanium 200
    20 Deposit Refill - Saltpetre 200
    20 Deposit Refill - Any 200
    5 Deposit Refill - Iron Ore 500
    5 Deposit Refill - Copper Ore 500
    5 Deposit Refill - Gold Ore 500
    5 Deposit Refill - Granite 500
    5 Deposit Refill - Titanium 500
    5 Deposit Refill - Saltpetre 500
    5 Deposit Refill - Any 500

    A redecorated Version of the Wondrous Residence. Able to house an impressive amount of Settlers in such a small building footprint (2x2), the Wonderous Residence has to be one of the most efficient population buildings to date. Although it is relatively expensive to upgrade, the returns more than justify the means if you're looking to squeeze every last drop of space on your home-island:

    A must for all summer enthusiasts and soccer fans. Instead of tokens this variant will require footballs as upgrade costs.

    Increases the population limit.
    • +140 Population from start
    • Upgrades will increase the population up to 650!
    • Requires only 2x2 squares of space!
    • Needs 5,995 footballs to be purchased
    • Limit: 2 times for footballs each event
    Construction Time
    1 - 140 5 Minutes
    2 Coin 350
    Marble 300
    +30 (170) 10 Minutes
    3 Coin 900
    Hardwood Planks 1000
    +30 (200) 30 Minutes
    4 Coin 1100
    Granite 1000
    +35 (235) 1 Hour
    5 Coin 1500
    Exotic wood Planks 1000
    +35 (270) 2 Hours
    6 Grout 1500
    Granite 2500
    +40 (310) 3 Hours
    7 Coin 4000
    Mahogany Planks 5000
    +40 (350) 6 Hours
    8 Grout 1000
    Football 1000
    +50 (400) 1 Day
    9 Coin 5000
    Granite 7500
    +50 (450) 3 Days
    10 Grout 5000
    Granite 12500
    +50 (500) 4 Days
    11 Magic Beanstalks 10000
    Granite 12500
    +50 (550) 7 Days
    12 Grout 10000
    Coin 15000
    +100 (650) 7 Days

    A 1x1 building with 5 upgrade levels to increase the storage on your island up to 16000.

    Need more space? Build this beauty of a tower between other buildings to free some building space and store more goods at the same time!

    Increases the storage limit.
    • +1000 storage from start
    • Upgrades will increase the storage up to 16000!
    • Requires only 1x1 squares of space!
    • Needs 1699 footballs to be purchased
    Construction Time
    1 - 1000 3 Minutes
    2 Real Plank 120
    Marble 100
    2000 5 Minutes
    3 Real Plank 300
    Hardwood Planks 1000
    3000 10 Minutes
    4 Coin 300
    Granite 150
    5000 1 Hour
    5 Grout 200
    Granite 300
    8000 12 Hours
    6 Grout 1000
    Granite 500
    16000 24 Hours

    Facilities such as Snack Stands are always a good idea when hosting tournaments on your home island. Treat your guests with a delicious Stadium Snack, refreshing beverages such as Red Flying Settler, or - why not - Hot Lemon Tea. Every additional Snack Stand increases production speed by 100%. If you already had a snack stand from last years event, you can now obtain another one.

    Name: Stadium Snacks
    Description: +300% output on workyards for 24 hours (36 hours on friend/guild member)
    Cost: 1,500 sausages, 1,500 bread
    Production time: 71h

    Name: Red Flying Settler
    Description: +200% output on workyards for 24 hours (36 hours on friend/guild member)
    Cost: 2,000 brew, 100 simple paper
    Production time: 11h

    Name: Hot Lemon Tea
    Description: +200% output on Village School and University for 24 hours (36 hours on friend/guild member)
    Cost: 2,000 water, 2,000 coal, 25 herbs
    Production time: 11h

    The last edition's Footie Pitch makes a comeback with an additional new buff: Incitement! Every additional Footie Field increases cooldown speed by 100%.

    Name: Strength Training
    Description: Increases the productivity of Weaponsmiths +200% for 90 minutes
    Cost: 300 fish, 500 water
    Cooldown: 23h

    Name: Exhibition Match
    Description: Boosts population growth +500% for 90 minutes
    Cost: 200 sausages, 200 brew
    Cool-down: 23h

    Name: The Wave
    Description: Boost the Fish and water workyard productivity +400% for 90 minutes
    Cost: 400 brew
    Cool-down: 23h

    Name: Incitement
    Description: All types of Mines' productivity +200% for 90 minutes.
    Cost: 300 bread, 500 meat
    Cooldown: 23h

    The Treehouse will increase the population limit. The first level already adds 150 population. Every Upgrade will increase the population even more.

    Constr. Time
    32 Tokens
    1 day
    39 Tokens
    1,5 days
    45 Tokens
    2 days

    Tributes are a new type of building which has a unique property: they only take up the space of your everyday decoration building, but can have effects along the same lines of production buildings! The tribute pictured above is the "Friar Tribute" - this building honours the tenacity of your friars. Spurred by the praise more brew gets produced. Produces 4 Brew every 6 minutes.

    Name: Archeological Geologist (Limit: 2, not tradable, not giftable)
    Type: Specialist
    Description: Has a chance to find Treasure (refiller, buff, book) when successfully discovering a deposit.
    Price: 1,495 Footballs

    Name: Adventurous Explorer (Limit: 2, not tradable, not giftable)
    Type: Specialist
    Description: +300% task speed. Travel expenses are cut by 50% and finds 50% more treasure
    Price: 2,899 Footballs

    Name: Stone-Cold Geologist (Limit: 2, not tradable, not giftable)
    Type: Specialist
    Description: Finds stone, marble, and granite deposits of doubled size, and in half the usual time.
    Price: 1,295 Footballs

    Name: Snack Stand (Limit: 2, not tradable, not giftable)
    Type: Building
    Description: A building that produces existing buffs
    Price: 4,250 Footballs

    Name: Footie Pitch (Limit: 2, not tradable, not giftable)
    Type: Building
    Description: A culture building that applies zone-wide buffs at the cost of resources
    Price: 1,599 Footballs

    Name: Lucky Explorer (Limit: 1, not tradable, not giftable)
    Type: Specialist
    Description: Summer-Event exclusive Explorer, 3 times as fast as Tavern explorers, grants a chance for extra buffs
    Price: 2,499 Footballs

    Name: 5 Building Licences (Limit: 1, not tradable, not giftable)
    Type: Buff
    Description: Increase maximum building limit by 5
    Price: 880 Footballs

    Name: Friary (Limit: 2, tradable, not giftable)
    Type: Building
    Description: Produces +300% Brew compared to a regular Brewery.
    Price: 1,999 Footballs

    Name: Grout
    Type: Resource
    Description: Contains 200 Grout
    Price: 249 Footballs

    Name: Premium Friend Buff
    Type: Buff

    The Friend Buff provides several boni to the buffed player, with certain differences:
    • The token of appreciation for a very good friend.
    • All single production buff effects are doubled!!
    • 50% bonus XP from Adventures. Applies to Premium Time XP Boost too!
    • Production time of units in barracks & elite barracks is halved!
    • Production time of buffs in provisioner & rarity provisioner is halved!
    • Weapon producers (except combat armory) will be twice as fast!
    • Explorers and Geologists complete their tasks 20% faster
    • Duration: 15 days

      Be aware:
    • It can only be applied to a friend, not on your home island.
    • Reapplying the buff will restart the runtime and not be added on top
    • The doubling of buff effects does not stack with other buffs of this kind and does not apply to epic workyards

      Available from lvl 13, Cooldown for Starcoins 30 days

    • Price: 1000 Footballs (1 per Event)

    Name: Tree House
    Type: Building
    Description: Increases the population limit.
    Price: 3,499 Footballs (2 per Event)

    Name: Improved Bakery
    Type: Building
    Description: Produces +200% Bread compared to a regular Bakery.
    Price: 1,795 Footballs (2 per Event)

    Name: Improved Floating Residence
    Type: Building
    Description: An improved version of the floating residence, granting more space for settlers impervious to seasickness!
    Price: 4,299 Footballs (2 per Event)

    Name: Rain of Flaming Arrows
    Type: Buff
    Description: A defined amount of random units between 100 and 200 units in the camp will be defeated and removed. Roughly twice as strong as Rain of Arrows. Can only be used once on an enemy camp.
    Price: 449 Footballs (5 per Event)

    Name: Fruits of hardship
    Type: Buff
    Description: Use on the Epic Workyard, offers +200% on the output for 24 hours (36 hours on friend/guild member)
    Price: 495 Footballs (5 per Event)

    Name: Medipack
    Type: Buff
    Description: A buff with which a defeated general can be recovered instantly. Guaranteed without side effects!
    Price: 395 Footballs (2 per Event)

    Name: Training overtime
    Type: Buff
    Description: Use on barracks and speed up recruiting time +200% for 12 hours
    Price: 249 Footballs

    Name: Stadium Snacks
    Type: Buff
    Description: Increases output of a workyard +300% for 24 hours
    Price: 345 Footballs

    Name: Supporter Hats
    Type: Buff
    Description: Increases population growth of the Mayor's House by +200% for 8 hours
    Price: 410 Footballs

    Name: Flowerbed flag (47 different flags)
    Type: Building
    Description: Decorative construction
    Price: 150 Footballs

    Name: Shotfirer (Limit: 2)
    Type: Buff
    Description: Use on Rocks and Rubbles: Frees up covered building space (up to 5 building sites)
    Price: 999 footballs

    Name: Demolition crew (Limit: 1)
    Type: Buff
    Description: Use on Mountains: Frees up the covered building space (up to 9 building sites)
    Price: 1.999 footballs

    Name: Improved Deerstalker Hut (Limit: 2, tradable, not giftable)
    Type: Building
    Description: Produces meat without using a meat deposit, twice as fast than the regular Deerstalker Hut
    Price: 3,995 Footballs

    Name: Storage Tower (No Limit, not tradable, not giftable)
    Type: Building
    Description: Will free some building space (1x1 Building) and can store more goods at the same time!
    Price: 1,699 Footballs

    Name: Recipe: Normal Star Chart
    Type: Recipe
    Description: Information about how to get more details into your star charts. Unlocks "Normal Star Chart" in the Observatory.
    Price: 799 Gems

    Name: Recipe: Detailed Star Chart
    Type: Recipe
    Description: The best you can find, when it comes down to creating star charts. Unlocks "Detailed Star Chart" in the Observatory.
    Price: 1,199 Gems

    Name: Small Fan Package
    Type: Resource
    Description: Contains 250 Footballs
    Price: 199 Gems

    Name: Tactical Resources (12 different types)
    Type: Resource
    Description: Adds 10 Tactical Resources of a certain type
    Price: 10 Gems

    Name: Joyous Bundle
    Type: Resource

    A must-have for every Settler. Worth 3 times its gem value! Check out the content:
    • Courageous Explorer
    • Demolition Crew (not counted to the limit!)
    • In total 7 Premium Days (2x 3days,1x 1day)
    • Jolly Geologist
    • Premium Friend Buff
    • 5x Fairy Fire
    • 5x Fairy Light
    • 2x Sack of Omniseeds
    • 2x Assassin
    • 2x Big Catapult
    • 2x Rain of Arrows
    • 2x Rain of Flaming Arrows
    • 2x Ballista
    • Price: 3,999 Gems (1 per Player)

    Name: Big Fan Package
    Type: Ressource
    Description: Buy a sack of useful training materials in order to properly prepare your boys for this major event. Adds 2500 footballs.
    Price: 1,990 Gems

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    The event will be deactivated in 2 steps. As known from previous events, most of the features will not be available anymore during the Removal phase. The deactivation will then be conducted 1 week later.

    Removal phase start
    :15th of July 2019 at 10:00 CEST

    • Event quests will be deactivated/cancelled
    • Event Achievements will no longer be obtainable
    • The Achievement category will disappear for everyone who didn't gain event Achievements
    • The first spawn of collectables during the Removal Phase won't provide event resources any more
    • In most cases Explorers won't find event resources any more.
    • Adventure loot won't include event resources
    • Event adventures are being cancelled
    • Event adventures cannot be started but can be deleted
    • Tactical buffs cannot be produced
    • Tactical resources are hidden from the storage and star menu
    • Trade offers involving tactical resources cannot be initiated. Already existing ones are hidden until they run out
    • The event art will be removed from the loading screen
    • The event info window and Fixture list will be deactivated
    • The event shop will still be available except for Tactical Resources

    Deactivation: 22nd of July 2019 at 10:00 CEST

    • The Event Shop category will be deactivated
    • New trades containing event currency cannot be posted anymore
    • Existing trade offers containing event currency will be invisible until they expire
    Resource and item exchange
    • Event currency will be removed from the game and exchanged for 1 Gold Coin each
    • Tactical resources are removed from the star menu, all storages and mail attachments without compensation
    • Tactical buffs are removed from the star menu without compensation
    • Event adventures are removed from the star menu and mail attachments without compensation

    The exchange will be conducted with the next game update.

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    Update: 18.06.2019

    Dear settlers,

    Please be aware that we made the following changes in the developers diary.

    • Shotfirer and Demolition Crew were added to the merchant (for footballs)
    • Valuable Intel was added to the list of Ventures
    • Expedition loot does not include event resources. The remark about it in the Deactivation Phase section was removed.
    • As the question came up in the feedback threads:
      How do the Premium Time- and Premium Friend Buff Experience Bonus work together?
      They work multiplicative with other bonuses.

    Happy Settling,

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