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Thread: Bastille 14 mins with observatory

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    Bastille 14 mins with observatory

    We use preloaded gens so no need to faff about with troops on adventure, just replace lost r once you have returned home. Use Bronze horseshoes and move gens to middle of map once landed.

    Bottom left sector camps 1 & 2(Raider) in wiki guides, MMA 220r

    Upper left sector camps 3 & 4(Pirate) in wiki guides, MMA 220r

    Right sector camps 5 & 6(Nord) in wiki guides, Boris 17r 163xb

    Top sector camps 7 & 8(Dark cult) in wiki guides
    Camp 7 Varg 5r 1e 174c
    Camp 8 wave 1 Nus 1c : wave 2 MG 15r 1e 254xb

    No skills required
    My general's are skilled and I average 170r losses.
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    Thank you for sharing, looks interesting...would be handy for mini-mission quest
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