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Thread: [Change Log] 30/07/19

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    [Change Log] 30/07/19

    30th of July 2019

    • The Magnificent Watermill is now available in the Architect category of the in-game merchant!
    • The Noble Bookbinder Tribute can be acquired through a new achievement!
    • The Residence Tribute can now be acquired through a new achievement!

    • Transport Generals no longer rebuild constantly while the Observatory buff is active.
    • The "/help" chat command has been updated to show the shortened command to change chatrooms.
    • Improved the usability of Battlebuffs throughout the coop adventures to make it consistent and improve the single-player experience.
    • The Guild Quest "War above the River" has had its level ranges corrected.
    • The Improved Mill was added to the description of the Kitty Lure buff.
    • Fixed inconsistencies in the Premium Friend Buff description between the shop, mail and buff description.
    • Fixed an incorrect translation in the Snow White Venture quest.
    • Added missing description text to the Adventurous Explorer.
    • The Star Chart Recipe limitation has been set to "1" for both items.

    This update will also convert event resources from the Summer Event into Coins.

    You are invited to provide feedback > here <
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