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Thread: Specialized And Expanded Science

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    Lightbulb Specialized And Expanded Science

    What about 4 column shared and 2 column specific skills for each character?
    I mean 2 column skills for major only, 2 column for mma only, 2 column for normal geologist only, 2 column for jolly geologist only (unique for each character) etc... And 4 column global skills for all commanders (like today).

    Expanded tree but same 5 book or may 6 book per row limit (6x3 book per row so we can select from large variation). But a buff for increase maximum book count too (from events or production).

    With this no more standart geo worse than others. May has some important specific skill, others don't.

    Normal generals are for blocking. They should have increase round time skill. While others reduce round time. May master of defence start 10sec per round and get 110 sec per round with his specific skill. While normals 20 to 60. While major have extra +30 capacity skill except global +15, Master of defence has huge hp boost.

    I can increase skill examples too. But now just saying for specialized tree partition and refresh/add skills.

    Devs and players, what do you think about this?

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    i think it will complicate the game needlessly and worse, being quite complex in development time and balancing generals against each other with lots of specialized skills on top of already specialized troops needing a lot of time/testing in regard to balancing the generals for power and desirability. We do not want to go to the unintended consequence of getting 1 or 2 super generals for 6 months with others being more or less useless in comparison.

    Also: You say regular generals are for blocking- that is not the case. That players use them as such is a reality BB accepts but does not support. Therefore any tickets with blocking issues will be ignored/closed without further investigation or compensation.

    Also we now see a trickle effect in bonus buffs or zone buffs where extra rewards are chained to actual killing of the camps/troops

    Anyway- it might be a cool concept which has been used in various games but i think we can use the time/effort better on other issues within the game and/or expanding the game levels as more and more head to maxing out levels (or flesh out content with new questlines)

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