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Thread: new 'copper-skilled' geologist

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    new 'copper-skilled' geologist

    Hello. I don't know if other players has the same demand, but I see I could have a geologist (in black market or event one, doesn't matter much), which has an ability of somehow finding more copper, larger mines, find additional buffs when finding copper, long lasting mines and everything relating to amount of copper. The problem is that we can only have 6 if I'm right, so far less than other mines. I also know you would say that I can invest books in those geos I have, I could buy unlimited copper mines, buy refills and industrial copper mines, etc... all true, but what I ask is just a suggestion, so don't judge me badly.

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    The Versed Geologist is the best copper finding expert currently in the game with chance of 50% extra deposits, it was available at xmas event so will probably be back again "soon"...
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