problem, not all the time, after doing people of the mountain and getting the "odd cargo -one dynamite and 5 ore" ,the dynamite does not appear in the next mcc chain - giant batlle, my first 2 , i did -all ok, then the dynamite took ages and ages to appear on giant battle, (all guides mention it comes from previous chain i.E people of the mountain),
now i have done about three now and the dynamite has appeared- no problem,
But, my last one it still has not appeared, reported to support---- they say the dynamite is not carried over " , What--it works all the time , up until my last giant battle .
why has it worked for me, and now stopped working.
why does all guides say, " From the previous venture, you should have one buff Dynamite, that will be needed."
and support says it does not. ????????????????
Can this problem be looked into support appear to have wiped their hands of it,

support, now need from other players , to see if they have had the same problem, and start reporting the problem to BBS to get this situation resolved.

for me going the quick route , with out the extra dynamite, means, i have to go away from the quick route, and spend twice the resources to get the extra dynamite.
this , to me , means the game allows nearly all the dynamite gained in the "people OM" to go to the giant battle, then it stops and odd time, the game is not consistant, and needs faulting.
note in my case, which might help the developers, is having the dynamite, i then played riches of the mountain, and that has a script that wipes out dynamite. and i think it took my people of the mountain dynamite out from me, so when i started giant battle , no dynamite.
please can this be looked into, as , stated support are not helping at all.