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From 2019 dev diary:

The Petite Birthday Cake and the Enormous Birthday Cake are two buffs that can be produced in the Provision House. They are made from two event resources, Cake Dough and Birthday Candles, which can only be earned by players at level 50 or below and level 51 or above respectively.

If you're missing one of the two resources, feel free to trade with your friends! But if that's not your thing, you can always convert the resources into each other at a rate of 2 to 1 for Candles to Cake Dough or 3 to 1 for Cake Dough into Candles! Additionally to last year the amount of cake dough required to produce cakes was cut by 20%!

In readiness for the 2020 event, please please please can you take account of the fact that there are less and less players under level 50 and more and more over level 51. Could it be changed so that all levels get some of each resource instead of the differential? Or even just raise the level from 50 to 60?

I am sure some guilds may have some players under level 50 but the relative numbers is now way out of balance.
Can't even begin to explain how much I would prefer there was some sanity to it.

Make dough drop in treasure searches for 51+:ers and candles for under.
So we get some dough at least.

Make advs under lvl51 give dough, ones over candles.

Something. Anything.