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Thread: Removing Weekly Quest Buffs/Items

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    Removing Weekly Quest Buffs/Items

    I accidentally made a "Small Construction Provision" while my quest only asks for Normal and Large variants of them.

    And i simply cannot get rid of it from my star menu there is no small x at the top right.

    To add to that there are far more items in the star menu that cannot be deleted, a ton of buffs like 'Stadium Snack' 'Oujia Board' 'Rain of Arrows' 'Weapon Boost' etc. all cannot be removed. It's strange how random it is to be honest.
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    You can sell "Small Construction Provisions" in TO or give it to a friend who has quests asking for them. "Stadium Snacks" can be sold as well. Battle Buffs can be used up attacking camps on adventures.

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