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Thread: Problem with MCC chain

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    Quote Originally Posted by hades8840 View Post
    the boss ghastly wolf has a max damage of 6000 with my skills its reduced to 4700 yet it was hitting me for 4650 damage with an accurancy of 50% it shouldnt be hitting that high
    It sounds like you may be mistaken about skills and accuracy. There is no gen skill to reduce boss damage, but Vargus lowers all enemy damage by 5%. So the Wolf's damage will be 4750-5700, and with 50% accuracy this means that 50% of the time he will hit for exactly 4750 damage, and 50% of the time he will hit for exactly 5700 damage. There is no in-between (accuracy always works like this).

    The key to a clean win here is making sure you kill the camp in 2 rounds. Because the Wolf is last to be killed in this situation, if he survives to the 3rd round his first strike damage will finish off the MS and take out a big chunk of AM, possibly wiping the whole army. If you cannot get a clean win in 2 rounds, you should suicide just enough knights to kill just enough frost giants so that you can finish it with Vargus in 2 rounds. The suicide general you use won't matter much since the frost giants have such high hp (i.e. even Nusala can only kill at most 3 of them herself, the rest is up to the knights).

    It is very important to have all the correct buffs/debuffs from the previous ventures active while simulating. Note that the EvilJ link you cited is a version with 0 combat debuffs and 2 combat buffs active during Giant Battle based on the entire "CoA Skills" version of the chain. I just sim'd it and it works.

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    simming is different that live fight. There are a variety of camps on MCC where doing the chain exactly conform EvilJ and specced exactly right seems to fail atm. So there could be some issue with either a debuff or buff not working completely right - either due to event or some other minor change

    it will get sorted eventually- dunno if the issue exists on test as well as the live servers either- and as i am not inclined to go testing, i will see if it solves itself after event or not )

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    i played it 2 days ago, no problem at all, i use the same settings

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