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Thread: Valiant Little Tailor: Elder Gemini with Skills, 3x MMA, Vargus, MG & VET

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    Valiant Little Tailor: Elder Gemini with Skills, 3x MMA, Vargus, MG & VET

    Hi, I don't use forum often so hope this is the normal way to post guides. I haven't found many guides for using fully booked new Elder Gemini general so I thought I would share mine. I use the same camp numbers as the wiki does (link here to image: ) and the same placement of generals for the blocks (link to image: ). Credit for both maps goes to their creators.

    I use lots of different gens, there are different ways to do these camps if you have extra gens (Anslem, Nusala and Boris) or if you have fewer gens (less MMAs, no Vargus, no MG etc). Also if you want to post any alternate attacks you prefer I'd like to see them, as I am still working on this a bit. Any links to other Elder Gemini guides for VLT would be cool too.

    DISCLAIMER: I've run this guide a dozen times without losing anything except recruits, and I've simulated all attacks, but there's a tiny chance I got something wrong and someone will be unlucky and lose a single cannon or something.

    All generals have First Aid and Jog, if you don't have First Aid you might need to send more recruits to the adventure.
    My MMAs are also booked with Juggernaut, Navigation Crash Course, and Just A Flesh Wound. Only Juggernaut is relevant (without it you deal less damage on suicide waves).
    My Elder Gemini General (which I will refer to as Chevalier in my guide since that's what I named him, and it makes it clear that he is not 'plain' EG) has the following books: First Aid, Jog, Juggernaut, Overrun, Unstoppable Charge, Battle Frenzy 2/3, Garrison Annex, Master Planner.

    Total number of troops required:
    - ~4500 Recruits (losses are normally ~4300)
    - 295 Cavalry
    - 152 Elite Soldiers
    - 203 Crossbows (use XB in guide)
    - 192 Cannoneers (use K in guide)

    Camp 1
    30 Fox, 100 Boar
    Chevalier with 124R 1E 170K

    Camp 2
    120 Wolf
    Chevalier with 41R 1E 253C

    Camp 3
    30 Wolf, 130 Boar
    Chevalier with 147R 1E 147K

    Camp 4
    90 Wolf, 90 Fox
    MMA with 1R
    Chevalier with 172R 1E 122K

    Camp 5
    30 Fox, 120 Boar
    Chevalier with 145R 150K

    Camp 6
    60 Fox, 80 Boar, 2 Giant
    MMA with 1R
    MMA with 1R
    Chevalier with 167R 1E 127K - if 26 Fox left
    Chevalier with 165R 1E 129K - if 25 Fox left
    Chevalier with 164R 1E 130K - if 24 Fox left

    Camp 7
    170 Boar
    Chevalier with 158R 1E 136K

    Camp 8
    60 Wolf, 90 Boar
    Chevalier with 142R 1E 152K

    Camp 9
    180 Boar
    Chevalier with 183R 1E 111K

    Camp 10
    60 Fox, 100 Boar
    BLOCK with 151E 49C

    Camp 11
    80 Wolf, 60 Fox, 50 Boar, Unicorn
    MMA with 150R
    Chevalier with 182R 1E 112K

    Camp 12
    60 Wolf, 140 Fox
    Vargus with 180R
    If needed, general with 200R

    Camp 13
    60 Fox, 40 Bear
    Vargus with 128R 52K
    Chevalier with 150R 145K

    Camp 14
    80 Wolf, 50 Bear
    Chevalier with 187R 1E 107K

    Camp 15
    160 Fox
    Chevalier with 179R 116K

    Camp 16
    190 Wolf
    Chevalier with 185R 1E 109K

    Camp 17
    69 Wolf, 80 Fox, 50 Bear, Furious Boar
    MMA with 220R
    Vargus with 180R
    Chevalier with 116R 1E 178K

    Camp 18
    60 Royal Bowman, 80 Royal Recruit
    Chevalier with 132R 1E 162K

    Camp 19
    60 Royal Longbowman, 50 Royal Militia
    Dracul with 200R
    Chevalier with 242R 1E 52K

    Camp 20
    60 Royal Militia, 30 Royal Cannoneer
    Dracul with 120R
    Chevalier with 91R 1E 203XB

    Camp 21
    120 Royal Longbowman
    General with 153R
    Chevalier with 295C

    Camp 22
    170 Royal Recruit
    Chevalier with 160R 1E 134K

    This is a good point to sell your lootspots.

    Camp 23
    150 Royal Bowman, 30 Royal Cavalry
    Chevalier with 176R 1E 118K

    Camp 24
    80 Royal Longbowman, 40 Royal Cavalry, 30 Royal Militia
    Veteran with 250R
    General with 180R
    Chevalier with 102R 1E 192K

    Camp 25
    80 Royal Longbowman, 40 Royal Cavalry, 60 Royal Militia, Evil King
    MMA with 220R
    Major General with 270R
    General with 170R
    Chevalier with 102R 1E 192K
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