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Thread: Weekly ship disapeared before completed

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elco View Post
    Are you kidding?
    This issue affects ALL players until the weekly is reset. Lucky for those who already completed the ship parts or had a new weekly in the hours that followed yesterday's downtime, but not so fun for players who still have several days to wait until the next reset..

    I believe you were online yesterday and Global / Help channels were filled with this specific topic. Didn't you pay attention as CM?
    It is the same issue for which players have contacted Support to report it, to no avail of course.
    And finally, it is the same issue the French server (BB's live guinea pigs server) has faced since last week when all players there were affected with the issue of the "ghost" ship after the implementation of the latest game update, 7 days ahead of us!

    The problem is known for a significant amount of time now and yet its lack of solution didn't stop your employer in releasing the faulty update. Again.

    So please, do not patronise players by asking for silly screenshots and instead try to see if the devs/management are willing to not only listen but foremost come up very soon with a satisfactory solution for all players?

    Thank you.
    the bug has been known since the 9th when the update went live on the french servers they knew it was bugged but like all updates they roll them out anyway and hope the complaining will little more then a few days so choose to ignore it seen the same trend for months now..i have to wait 6 days for mine to go for the screen shots they dont need em they just ask for them as its a delaying tactic instead of just saying sorry will be no fix the problem will resolve itself once your weekly resets

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    Thank you @BB_Malkun for the mail with a tokens donation!

    This gesture, acknowledging the original issue's ownership, is very much appreciated and this is all I could hope for.

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    +1 nice result, ty BB

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