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Thread: [Dev Diary] Halloween Event 2019

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    [Dev Diary] Halloween Event 2019

    More information about the upcoming Halloween event

    Dear scaredy-cats,

    The waiting is over, a new event is making its way to The Settlers Online! Introducing the Halloween Event 2019, an eerie, ghastly and forbidding event which - contrary to its unwelcome nature - has been long awaited by many of us! With this Years Event you will see some new features. The Ghost Lantern which calls the Ghost-ship on your island and some spooky new Specialists. Let's get a closer look at what this year's Halloween Event holds for our Community:

    Event start: 21st of October, at 10:00 CEST
    Start of removal phase: 11th of November, at 10:00 CET
    Complete deactivation: 18th of November, at 10:00 CET
    Level requirement: 19+


    • New General "Younger Gemini General"
    • New Explorer "Bewitching Explorer"
    • New Spooky Bronze Mine
    • New Building Ghost Lantern & Ghost Ship
    • New Seasonal Adventures
    • New Halloween Calendar
    • Golem Reward, Ancient Golem & Supreme Golem Rebalancing
    • Pumpkin refiller Adventure Loot Rebalancing
    • Pumpkin refiller added to Ventures
    • New Halloween time-limited Bundle

    Read more about...

    Have fun and creepy settling!
    Follow the Will'o'wisp in the feedback thread and share your ideas.
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    • Availability: Only during the Halloween event
    • Benefit: You can acquire special items for Pumpkins in the Halloween shop category
    • Trade: The Pumpkins are tradable like regular resources
    • Removal: Check removal phase details as event resources and Halloween items are available only for a limited time!

    You can get the event resource by...
    • Unlocking Halloween 2019 Achievements
    • Sending Explorers on a Treasure search
    • Collecting Pumpkins that spawn on your home island
    • Winning rewards for defeating Golems
    • Completing Halloween quests
    • Producing them with Pumpkin Cemeteries
    • Trading with other players
    • Item gifts from friends
    • Buying Pumpkin packages in the Shop

    Field Type Production Time
    Small pumpkin cemetery 5 Hours 20 Min
    Common pumpkin cemetery    2 Hours 40 Min
    Noble pumpkin cemetery 40 Min

    We' made a change according to your feedback and this year more adventures were added! The adventures below will drop twice the normal amount of resources, refills and twice the amount of experience points upon completion!

    The list of seasonal adventures for Halloween 2019:
    Adventure Type Pumpkin refillers min. Pumpkin refillers max. x2 seasonal max.
    Buccaneer Roundup Coop 4 8 16
    RaidingtheRaiders Coop 10 16 32
    SplitCity Coop 18 36 72
    Whirlwind Coop 15 30 60
    The Island of the Pirates Mission 4 8 16
    Stealing from the Rich Mission 6 12 24
    Gunpowder Mission 7 12 24
    MotherLove Mission (Follow Up) 3 8 16
    MoreSecludedExperiments Mission (Follow Up) 8 14 28
    OldFriends Mission (Follow Up) 11 18 36
    The Invasion of the Nord Mission (Follow Up) 18 32 64
    TheCleverLittleTailor Mission (Follow Up) 7 14 28
    The Heroic Little Tailor Mission (Follow Up) 7 14 28
    1001NightsSeaSnake Mission (Follow Up) 16 26 52
    1001NightsTreasureWisdom Mission (Follow Up) 24 45 90
    PirateLife Mini 12 19 38
    The Sleeping Volcano Mini 6 9 18
    Arctic Explosion Mini 16 23 46
    BuffAdventures_DragonRoost Venture 3 8 16
    BuffAdventures_ElChupacabra Venture 9 14 28
    BuffAdventures_RaidOfTheNords Venture 9 14 28
    Evil_Queen_Red_Riding_Hood Venture 12 24 48
    Evil_Queen_Snow_White Venture 10 20 40
    LostCity Venture 11 22 44
    OneStepAhead Venture 12 24 48
    Unknown_Regions Venture 18 30 60
    The_People_of_the_Mountain Venture 30 50 100


    This year's Halloween Event will also feature again the exciting Campaign Quest Chain: The Terrorized Town! These short adventures will all feature on the same island - this allows us to fine-tune the balancing for all level ranges; using the Black Knights adventure as a baseline point of reference.

    Don't underestimate this challenge: this small island is full of surprises! Not everything will be as it seems: the line between friends and foes will blur - you'll need to keep your wits about you if you wish to uncover the true sinister villains behind the town's woes. Will you heed the call for aid from this small and vulnerable town? Defend its citizens, find the source of these ghastly creatures and put a stop to them!

    After all - your ethereal detective skills will be handsomely rewarded with one of our brand new buildings, but more on that further down .
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    As we all know, it is customary to animate the tiny "Event Island" located in the centre of the map on certain special events: the 4 Golems are back, alive and kicking! But don't let them kick too much... it is up to you to defeat them once again, no matter if it's a Rock Golem, Greater Golem, Ancient or Supreme Golem. An adjustment of the production items for the holy water (ancient golem) and Glistening Water (supreme golem) was done in 2019, which allows players in that level range to obtain the needed items properly. Additionally, the supreme golem got an increase to become a greater challenge. A small spooky tip: It is now more valuable to defeat the reoccurring golems! Don't get intimidated by these guys; we've heard they're allergic to certain water buffs you can create in the Provision or Rarity Provision House! Here's how you can defeat them:

    Defeat the Rock Golem with Purified Water

    If your level is within 19 - 25 range, you will have to defeat the Rock Golem, which will respawn five times, getting more powerful with each respawn. If you don't level-up to 26 in the meantime, the last Rock Golem will keep respawning. Use Purified Water in order to defeat it. The production of Purified Water in the Provision House / Rarity Provision House will cost you 20 Water and 20 Copper ore.

    Defeat the Greater Golem with Enriched Water

    If your level is within 26 - 40 range, you will have to defeat the Rock Golem five times - careful, they will again get more powerful with each respawn! Only after having defeated it for the fifth time will the next type of Golem show up: the Greater Golem, which also has 5 difficulty levels. If you don't level-up to 41, the Greater Golem will keep respawning. Use Enriched Water in order to defeat it. The production of Enriched Water in the Provision House / Rarity Provision House will cost you 40 Water and 20 Iron ore.

    Defeat the Ancient Golem with Holy Water

    If your level is within 41- 55 range, you will have to defeat the Rock Golem and the Greater Golem five times. It's getting more and more challenging! Only after having defeated the 5th Greater Golem will the Ancient Golem appear, with 5 difficulty levels. This Golem will keep respawning as well if you don't level-up to 56. Use Holy Water in order to defeat the Ancient Golem. The production of Holy Water in the Provision House / Rarity Provision House will cost you 60 Water and 20 Titanium ore 180 Water and 10 Titanium ore.

    Defeat the Supreme Golem with Glistening Water

    If your level is 56 or more, you will have to defeat all the previous Golems five times. The Supreme Golem will then make its majestic appearance and will keep respawning. Use Glistening Water in order to defeat it. The production of Glistening Water in the Provision House or the Rarity Provision House will cost you 100 Water and 25 Platinum ore 1000 Water and 250 Platinum ore.


    It takes 16 hours for each Golem to respawn and in the meantime, you can prepare the buffs in order to defeat it. This might get overwhelming, but don't fret, friends are here to help you out! Your friends who are above level 19 can produce any of these buffs and fight the Golem for you. When its HP reaches 0, a button for confirming the Golem's defeat will be enabled. Only you, as the island owner, can press that button and only after pressing it will the Golem disappear. You and your friends can also "overbuff" the Golem with more buffs than it is required, with no further effect.

    Below level 19?

    Dear TSO novices, here's what you need to do. In order to witness the appearance of the Rock Golem, make sure the middle area of your home island is revealed; put that explorer to work! Remember, you can only see the Rock Golem if you are below level 19, but you cannot fight it, nor can you produce water buffs. We don't want you to miss out on all the fun, so get the game rolling and reach level 19!

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    A quest chain will guide you through the mechanics of the event, regarding how to kill golems, the gathering of refillers and the specific missions you have to solve. Additionally, a Calendar is present in which you should open the doors daily!

    To access the Calendar, just click on the icon next to your avatar.

    There is a total of 21 doors. You can open one door each day. Opening missed doors for gems will cost 100 gems for normal doors and 300 gems for special doors due to a very high value in the calendar.

    Don't forget to open the doors daily and also remind your friends to do so!

    Type: Regular door
    Amount: 18
    Description: Can be opened on the specific date displayed or for 100 gems afterwards
    Requirement: It doesn't matter if previous doors are still closed or not
    Rewards: Provides basic rewards (such as resources), sometimes chosen randomly

    Type: Special door
    Amount: 3
    Description: Can be opened on the specific date displayed or for 300 gems afterwards.
    Requirement: All previous doors need to be open
    Rewards: Most special doors offer a choice between several rewards when opened

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    In the following table you can see the Adventures that reward pumpkin refillers during the event with the rebalanced outputs.
    According to the feedback you presented over the years, we decided on a new and better balancing. This change includes an increase of the outputs and addition of more Adventures.

    Adventure Epic Amount NEW Normal Amount NEW
    Tomb Raiders 19 13
    Split City 36 18
    Horseback 16 8
    The Lost Skull 9 6
    Witch of the Swamp 11 7
    The Dark Priests 8 3
    Island of the pirates 8 4
    Sleeping Volcano 9 6
    The Siege 18 12
    Buccaneer Roundup 8 4
    Traitors 21 13
    Outlaws 23 16
    Stealing from the rich 12 6
    Old Friends 18 11
    Tropical Sun 9 6
    Sleepy Reef 14 7
    Lakeside Treasure 19 13
    Bandit Nest 23 16
    Gunpowder 12 7
    Tikki Island 9 6
    New Bandit's nest 16 8
    Raiding the Raiders 16 10
    Sons of the Veld 17 9
    The Nords 13 7
    Surprise Attack 14 8
    The Invasion of the Nord 32 18
    Pirate Life 19 12
    Bastille Island 22 14
    Wild Mary 32 18
    Mother Love 8 3
    Artic Explosion 23 16
    More Secluded Experiments 14 8
    Whirlwind 30 15
    Victor the Vicious 11 6
    Dark Brotherhood 12 7
    Black Knights 8 4
    Secluded Experiments 14 7
    Roaring Bull 8 6
    The Valiant Little Tailor 14 7
    The Clever Little Tailor 14 7
    Sons of the Little Tailor 14 7
    Heroic Little Tailor 14 7
    Betrayed Little Tailor 14 7
    Storm Recovery 34 21
    Ali Baba the woodcutter 34 21
    Ali Baba first thief 34 21
    Ali Baba second thief 21 12
    Ali Baba third thief 34 21
    Ali Baba treasure knowledge 26 16
    Ali Baba treasure wisdom 45 24
    Sindbad Besieged City 26 16
    Sindbad Sea Snake 26 16
    Aladdin Oil lamp 24 12
    Aladdin Beautiful princess 45 24
    BuffAdventures_DragonRoost 8 3
    BuffAdventures_ElChupacabra 14 9
    BuffAdventures_RaidOfTheNords 14 9
    BuffAdventures_Evil_Queen_Red_Riding_Hood 24 12
    BuffAdventures_Evil_Queen_Snow_White 20 10
    BuffAdventures_LostCity 22 11
    BuffAdventures_OneStepAhead 24 12
    BuffAdventures_TMC_Unknown_Regions 30 18
    BuffAdventures_TMC_The_People_of_the_Mountain 50 30
    Of Songs and Curses 8 4
    Valuable Intel 8


    The Fisherman and his Wife 22 12
    Hansel and Gretel 22 12
    The Pied Piper of Hamelin 16 8
    At the Foot of the Mountain 25 15
    Mountain Labyrinth 40 20
    A Giant Battle 55 35


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    This year's horrific headliners will be the brand new Younger Gemini General and the Bewitching Explorer. The Younger Gemini General, who was always not taken seriously as he was just the "Little Baby". Turning his back on his family and therefore missing their values for a long time. He now returns with some evil-ish looking appearance. Apparently, he had found a new mentor, but who could that have been? Additionally, another Specialist will step out of the Darkness. The Bewitching Explorer was once so lovely, but something bad happened to her! Can you guess what horrors she has experienced? The well-known Halloween specialists Grim Reaper and Lord Dracul are also available yet again at the in-game merchant shop and scaring the Settlers. Lord Dracul, a malicious general thirsty for... battle, the Conscientious, tireless Geologist and the sinister Grim Reaper General - don't sell your soul for any of these specialists! Instead, simply purchase them for Pumpkins at the merchant:

    Name: Younger Gemini General
    Description: He travels twice as quickly to adventures and has increased Health, Accuracy and huge Damage. The traits Splash Damage & Flanking make him an already dangerous opponent, but his special trait makes him really tough. Rogue Wardens: Defense units gain flanking and 10% increased Accuracy.
    Cost: 6.999 Pumpkins
    Limit: 2 per Event

    Name: Bewitching Explorer
    Description: +100% Task Speed with the special trait: Bewitching - Brings back twice the loot from treasure search tasks, always with highest possible resource amount.
    Cost: 4313 Pumpkins
    Limit: 2 per Event (+1 from Calendar)

    Name: Lord Dracul
    Description: A General who recovers twice as quickly from defeat and travels twice as quickly to adventures.
    He attacks enemies in combats via first strike and deals area of effect damage.
    Cost: 2,450 Pumpkins
    Limit: 1 (former acquisitions don't count)

    Name: Grim Reaper General
    Description: This is a specialist with the same values as the Battle Hardened General, but a different appearance.
    Cost: 1,560 Pumpkins
    Limit: 1 (former acquisitions don't count)

    Name: Mad Scientist
    Description: A General who is "Crazy for Explosions" and gives the Demolition ability to your units, as well as increasing the damage of heavy units.
    Cost: 4,999 Pumpkins
    Limit: 2 (former acquisitions don't count)

    Name: Conscientious Geologist (not tradable, but not giftable)
    Type: Specialist
    Cost: 375 pumpkins | Limit: 1
    Effect: Finds an additional deposit whenever possible.
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    Only the Lantern can directly be purchased for 5.499 Pumpkins and you can obtain 3 during this Event. The lantern is not tradable and can't be gifted. It has the size of a decoration lantern.

    The Ghost Ship is called once a week by placing at least 1 ghost lantern on the island.

    Works similar to the Gift Christmas Tree. Placing several ghost lanterns on the island increases the loot the ghosts bring home.Fthe

    A Quest shows the countdown until the ship reappears. The Ship gets spawned on the western side of sector 1, below the weekly challenge ship.

    Every week also 1 side quest is started giving an additional small reward. The quest stays until solved. Only if the quest is completed another one is started the next time the Ghost ship reappears.

    The quest is randomly chosen out of 26 different side quests and reward either 10 or 20 gems, 10 Crystals or 1 or 2 or 3 Tokens. The Box contains the following items:

    Item Chance
    Rain of Arrows 5 Tickets
    Rain of Flaming Arrows 5 Tickets
    iGor 5 Tickets
    Mr. Myers 5 Tickets
    Rabbits Luck Charm 5 Tickets
    The Headless Horseman 5 Tickets
    Zombie 5 Tickets
    Chant of Focus 5 Tickets
    Recruitment Guide 5 Tickets
    Mining Guide 5 Tickets
    Farming & Hunting Guide 5 Tickets
    Rock Mining Guide 5 Tickets
    Wood Cutting Guide 5 Tickets
    20 Gems 5 Tickets
    10 Crystals 5 Tickets
    300 Coin 5 Tickets
    500 Coin 5 Tickets
    Omniseed amount 500 5 Tickets


    Ghosts of deceased settlers and soldiers keep appearing after we defeat their villains and free them of their burdens. But instead of haunting the Living, they are very friendly and want to help you in your efforts fighting all the evildoers by producing bronze really quickly. Nobody can explain how the ghosts do it. And imagine how hard it was for Sonya to convince everybody else that this would work out!

    !!Please be aware!!
    The building is not recurring. If you delete it, it will not go back to the starmenu

    Type: Workyard
    Effect: Produces 12 Bronze without the need of Coal and 6 deposit
    Time: 3 min.
    Size: 2 x 2
    Limit: 3 (+ 1 through the Quest)
    Cost: 3.499 Pumpkins (tradable, but not giftable)

    The Laboratory
    The Laboratory enables various resource conversions. Additional Laboratories will increase the production speed of these conversions.
    It costs 3,999 Pumpkins has a Limit of 2 and you cannot trade it or send it as a gift.

    The Haunted Mansion

    The Haunted Mansion increases your population limit by 145, while also having some other spooky surprises when you interact with it. Its Limit is 3.
    It costs 2,450 Pumpkins and can be traded, but it's not giftable.

    Production: Each Pumpkin cemetery produces event resources (Pumpkins) over time
    Limit: 3 per player and version = 9 buildings (former acquisitions don't count)

    You can build them on your island: not only do they provide Pumpkins, but they also contribute to the Halloween mood!

    The Pumpkin cemeteries can only be refilled with "Pumpkin refillers". If you're wondering how you can get those precious refillers, you should play adventures: not all of them offer Pumpkin refillers, but most of them do. You can find the complete list in the in-game Event window. Please be aware that the premium friend buff positively affects the production of the cemeteries when these are buffed

    There's another thing that can happen to your Pumpkin cemeteries: they can deplete. If that is the case, you can purchase Fertilizer from the in-game merchant to revive them. It costs 75 Pumpkins and it revives the depleted cemetery with 10 Pumpkins. This might look like a bad deal at first, but you will be able to use refillers and buffs again on a restored cemetery.

    Small version: Costs 50 stone and 100 pinewood planks
    Common version: Costs 150 marble and 200 hardwood planks
    Noble version: Costs 10 granite and 25 exotic wood planks

    Description: The Improved Bakery produces bread at three times the speed of a normal Bakery
    Limit: 2 per player (former acquisitions don't count)
    Cost: 1,250 Pumpkins
    Trade/Gift: Tradable, not giftable

    Description: Produces meat without using a meat deposit, twice as fast than the regular Deerstalker Hut.
    Limit: 2 per player (former acquisitions don't count)
    Cost: 2,850 Pumpkins
    Trade/Gift: Tradable, not giftable

    Description: Produces wheat 3 times as fast as a regular farm
    Limit: 3 per player (former acquisitions don't count)
    Cost: 700 Pumpkins
    Trade/Gift: Tradable, not giftable

    Description: Speeds up the process of getting new settlers in your village.
    Limit: 3 per player (former acquisitions don't count)
    Costs: 600 Pumpkins
    Trade/Gift: Not tradable, not giftable

    Description: Replenishes wheat fields over time.
    Limit: 3 per player (former acquisitions don't count)
    Cost: 600 Pumpkins
    Trade/Gift: Tradable, not giftable

    Description: Another type of Storehouse that provides 3 times more space for resources than a standard one.
    Limit: 3 per player (former acquisitions don't count)
    Cost: 600 Pumpkins
    Trade/Gift: Tradable, not giftable

    Description: A scientific state-of-the-art fish farm: it doesn't require a deposit to produce fresh fish.
    Limit: 3 per player (former acquisitions don't count)
    Cost: 700 Pumpkins
    Trade/Gift: Tradable, not giftable

    Decorative building: Have a Pumpkin Cemetery on your Island all year!
    Description: Spook your island's visitors and be in a Halloween mood.
    Cost: 325 Pumpkins
    Limit: None, transferred to Star Menu when demolished
    Trade/Gift: Tradable, Giftable


    Decorative building: Have a golden Golem on your Island
    Description: A shiny golden Golem
    Cost: 375 Pumpkins
    Limit: None, transferred to Star Menu when demolished
    Trade/Gift: Tradable, Giftable


    Description: Increase your island's spookiness and help get everyone in the Halloween mood.
    Limit: unlimited
    Cost: It varies, check the Halloween shop
    Trade/Gift: All of them are tradable and giftable

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    Now it's time to introduce some of the buffs available during the Halloween Event! There will be old content available, that we're all familiar with from the previous years, but also some new additions. Check them out below:

    This very unique bundle was re-added for all players that could not acquire it during the Venture season.

    Name: Delicious Treat (not tradable, not giftable.)
    Type: Bundle
    Cost: 7.999 Gems - Overall only once per player.
    Description: Oh this dainty bit cannot escape your attention. Check out the ingredients of this time-limited feast.

    Name: Eery Booster Bundle (not tradable, not giftable)
    Type: Bundle
    Price: 2.999 Pumpkins (Limit: 1 per Player) 3.599 Gems (Limit: 1 per Player) - The limits are independent of each other, so the package can be purchased once for pumpkins and once for gems.
    Description: Get it while this out of the world discounted and event exclusive package is available:
    An eerily awesome package for starters or just to boost your effectiveness during the event.
    1x Courageous Explorer
    1x Archelogist Geologist
    3x Medi Pack
    3x Hugs & Kisses
    3x Rain of Flaming Arrows
    3x Ballista
    3x Recruitment Guide
    3x Weapon Crafting Guide
    3x Paperwork Guide
    3x Mining Guide
    3x Farming & Hunting Guide
    3x Rock Mining Guide
    3x Wood Cutting Guide

    Name: Pumpkin Cart (not tradable, but giftable. The pumpkins [Resource] can be traded)
    Type: Resource
    Cost: 5.000 Gems
    Effect: Contains 4200 pumpkins

    Name: Witches' Familiars
    Type: Zone-wide Buff
    Cost: 325 Pumpkins
    Effect: +100% output on Epic Workyards for 8 hours

    Name: Platinum Horseshoes Recipe
    Type: Recipe for the Rarity Provision house
    Cost: 825 Pumpkins
    Effect: Increases movement speed of generals in the zone by 20%.

    Name: iGor
    Type: Buff
    Cost: 56 Pumpkins
    Effect: +200% recruitment speed on Barracks or Elite Barracks for 6 hours

    Name: Zombie Bite
    Type: Zone-wide buff (wildlife)
    Cost: 45 Pumpkins
    Description: Be careful with this! One mishap may turn dozens of your settlers into zombies.

    Name: Ouija board
    Type: Zone-wide buff (wildlife)
    Cost: 45 Pumpkins
    Description: Legend has it, this board can be used to talk with the spirits, and bring them to where you are...

    Name: Bucket of candy
    Type: Zone-wide buff (production)
    Cost: 125 Pumpkins
    Description: Zone Effect +100% output on Smelters (Bronze, Iron, Steel, Gold, Titanium, Platinum) for 24 hours

    Name: The Headless Horseman
    Type: Buff
    Cost: 45 Pumpkins
    Description: +300% output on Stables or Elite Stables for 24 hours

    Name: Efficient traps
    Type: Recipe for the Rarity Provision house
    Cost: 560 Pumpkins
    Description: Buff area Effect: +200% output on the Hunter, Deerstalker Hut, Improved Deerstalker Hut
    for 12 hours on a 2 squares radius

    Name: Fertilizer I-III (3 single items)
    Type: Buff + Refiller
    Cost: 75 Pumpkins
    Description: Revives and refills a dried up Small, Common or Noble Pumpkin Cemetery with 10 Pumpkins

    Name: Nash Williams
    Type: Buff
    Cost: 48 Pumpkins
    Effect: Use on Barracks and speed up recruiting time x4 for two hours.

    Name: Grout (200)
    Type: Resource
    Cost: 170 Pumpkins
    Effect: Ressource that is needed to upgrade buildings to level 6

    Name: Omniseeds (250)
    Type: Refiller
    Cost: 90 Pumpkins
    Effect: Refill item: Adds 250 units to any deposit (except gem pits)

    Name: Trick
    Where: It can be produced in the Provision house and applied on a friend's building
    Cost: 50 simple paper and 50 fish
    Effect: The affected building cannot be buffed as long as Trick is in effect.

    Name: Treat
    Where: It can be produced in the Provision house
    Cost: 200 water and 50 pinewood planks
    Effect: It removes the Trick effect from a building. It also buffs the targeted building (+300% production for 2 hours).

    Name: Banshee's Scream
    Where: It can be produced in the Mayor's House (with collectibles)
    Cost: 10 Scarecrows, 5 Banners and 1 Leather
    Effect: +200% output to a Pumpkin Cemetery for 6 hours.

    Name: Werewolf's Howl
    Where: It can be produced in the Mayor's House (with collectables)
    Cost: 20 Barrels, 10 Grain Sacks and 2 Leather
    Effect: +300% output to a Pumpkin Cemetery for 6 hours.

    Name: Zombie
    Type: Buff
    Cost: 96 Pumpkins
    Effect: +300% to the production of a workyard. The effect lasts for 12 hours.

    Name: Mr. Myers
    Type: Buff
    Cost: 24 Pumpkins
    Effect: +300% to the recruitment time of Barracks. The effect lasts for 1 hour.

    Name: Frank and Stein
    Type: Refiller
    Cost: 90 Pumpkins
    Effect: Refills the Marble deposit. Amount: 1000 units.

    Name: Sandman's Powder
    Type: Zone-wide buff (optical)
    Cost: 50 Pumpkins
    Effect: Turns day into night on the home island. Lasts for 7 days.

    Name: Halloween Surprise
    Type: Surprise Box
    Cost: 195 gems
    Description: Provides one of 12 adventures that grants the chance to gain Pumpkins refillers.
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      All of last year's achievements return, all of them rewarding Pumpkins.
      Pumpkin collectables will be guaranteed to spawn. Each time you click on a Pumpkin collectable, one Pumpkin will be added to your warehouse.
    • Ghosts and Zombies
      Where have all the animals gone? Oh right, the zombies got them! Zombies and Ghosts will replace the wildlife on your island. It seems they learned to coexist in... creepy harmony?

    • Info screen & widget
      The event info window will show you the remaining time of the Halloween event. Also, the info widget is displayed on the left side.

    • Spooky background music
      For the duration of the event, the in-game background music will be changed to different tracks.
    • Modification of several graphics
      Several graphics will be modified, for example, the logo and the loading screen.

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    11th of November, at 10:00 CET

    • The core mechanisms of the event will be turned off, but the event shop category will remain until Deactivation.
    • All quests, achievements and event-related collectables will be deactivated. The ongoing quests will be cancelled.
    • Event Adventures will be cancelled and cannot be started anymore.
    • Explorers will bring Pumpkins if they were sent before the Removal phase kicked in. New explorer searches will not bring any event currency.
      Explorers only sent and returned during the Halloween Event will bring back Halloween Resources:
      In very rare cases, Explorers may find Halloween Resources on arrival shortly after the start of the Event & shutdown phase.
    • Golem respawns will be removed. Already spawned Golems can still be defeated, but there will be no reward for defeating them since the quests will have been cancelled at that point.
    • The Pumpkin refillers reward from adventures will be deactivated and the Seasonal adventures will return to their normal rewards.
    • The creation of "Banshee's Scream", "Werewolf's Howl" and anti-Golem buffs are related to the Halloween event. Therefore this option will be turned off. If you started to produce an event item shortly before the Removal Phase kicked in, this item will be finished even after the Removal phase. The same goes for completed items: you can still pick them up after Removal phase.
    • You can use the Banshee's Scream buff in order to get more Pumpkins before the Removal phase finishes. The buff effect will end and you won't be able to use such buffs anymore after the event deactivation.
    • The event-related loading screen will be set to the default loading screen and the event window will be deactivated.

    18th of November ~10:00 CET

    • The Halloween shop category will be deactivated. Pumpkins will not be visible anymore in the warehouse. Pumpkin collections will be removed from the Mayor's House.
    • New trade offers containing Pumpkins can't be set up anymore.
      Already running trade offers containing Pumpkins will be set to invisible until they expire.
    • Pumpkins remaining on each field, no matter if the fields have been built or if they are still in your Star Menu, will be converted to coins, along with all remaining refillers.
    • No matter where the Pumpkin originated from (Cemetery, warehouse, mails etc.), you will get 0.5 coins for 1 Pumpkin.
    • After Deactivation, the "Trick" and "Treat" buffs created can still be used on your friends' buildings, but you won't be able to create more of them
    • Any Event Adventures in the Star Menu will be deleted.
    • You can apply the unused Golem buffs on the Mayor's house to get a resource refund.

    The exchange will be conducted with the next game update!
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