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Thread: missing items

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    missing items


    When i produce trick and treats in the provision house they keep disappearing once they have been produced. Also when i stop my Pumpkin Cemeteries the next time i log on the are producing pumpkins, so I am losing lots of Pumpkins. And in the Event Calendar I have opened all doors, but yesterday when I went to collect the special door, the first 3 doors were unopened and I had to spend 300 gems to reopen them. Can i have these fixed, I am losing alot of resources.

    Many thanks

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    Support have already sent 300 gems as compensation for the first three doors

    It also sounds like you may be running the Premium Friend Buff. If so, please log out for at least 20 minutes after application. There is a known issue with PFB that is corrected by allowing the account to refresh after a full log out (15-20 minutes)
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