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    i got a shock today,
    seeing people selling buildings and player accounts on ebay.
    that can not be right
    hope bb stops them

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    It is a direct violation of terms of use. Want to help stamp it out, take screens/links of the auctions and report them to support.

    Actually maybe not a violation as such. Not sure what BB is trying to say.

    It is forbidden to sell or exchange in-game content (gems, codes, accounts, vouchers, guilds etc...) for real money or digital goods. Any type of purchase/exchange/trade that isn't fully supported by the tools provided by Blue Byte is at the player's own risk.
    Gems, voucher codes and accounts cannot be traded for other in-game content on public channels, and any private trading of such items is at the player's own risk. Resources can only be exchanged for digital goods that exist within this game.
    Says can't exchange for real money. But then goes on about own risk? Either it's forbidden or it's at your own risk. Can't really be both.
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    It clearly says forbidden, so against the terms of use. "At the player's risk" is a disclaimer that protects BB from players demanding to to able to use something because they paid for it, when they didn't pay BB for it or broke the game's rules by paying for it. You may or may not get away with it, so you take a risk.

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    Think those terms got rewritten back when gem codes were traded in Trade chat until the scammers ruined things, and the rewrite made the clause rather ambiguous in reading.
    It also flies in the face of the rule about not letting others play your account which sadly has shown few teeth over the years.

    But BB seem unable or unwilling to take on Google to remove that ghastly Pinkie kludge, anyone willing to risk using such a poorly written hack deserves everything they get.
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    Who cares really ? What is the fun taking over another account, maybe being at a very high level and having it all? There is no ranking in the game so what does it matter to other players that someone has taken over an account?
    I am level 73- it gets harder and harder to find motivation for playing the game. Only reason some of us stays is that we cant find another game we like better.
    The fun part of any game is getting the stuff - not having the stuff.
    If someone wants to pay real money to get an account they must be pretty stupid, and it might be against the rules, - but cant see how it affects other players in the game.
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    If anyone finds a Settlers Online account for sale on any website, please forward the details to support. It is not a topic that deserves its own thread on the forums.

    Thread locked.

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