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Thread: [Dev Diary] Harbour 2019

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    [Dev Diary] Harbour 2019

    Dear Settlers,

    November will introduce some exciting changes to the game. For example, a new building which was on the wishlist of many players over the last years: The Harbour! And as you can tell from this post on the community platform The Settlers Alliance, the Harbour we are bringing into "The Settlers Online" is heavily inspired by the new and upcoming "The Settlers" looks.

    How to activate The Harbour in The Settlers Online?
    The activation of The Harbour building in The Settlers Online will be possible once a special Mini-Event starts.

    Event start: 21st of November, ca. 14:00 CET
    Complete deactivation: 02nd of December, ca. 14:00 CET 22nd November, ca. 18:00 CET
    Level requirement: 13+

    The mini-event will activate a new category in the in-game Merchant where you can get a special buff quest - complete it to get the Harbour! On top of that, as an extra bonus, during the mini-event all Explorers and Geologists will be 20% quicker!

    Dock your ship and leave your feedback in our forum.

    Enjoy the Story!
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    Beside the Mini-Event which will present specific bonuses, you will also be able to use the harbour. Instead of the typical positioning at the left side of the island, we decided to place it below your island close to the excelsior spot.

    Forced to leave their homelands after a devastating earthquake of mysterious origins, the Settlers set sail towards the unknown in the hopes of finding a new home. They will face plenty of new challenges, they will also become part of an ancient mystery that will change their lives forever.

    The Settlers allows players to explore, conquer, and settle new islands in a medieval fantasy world. Your worlds are connected through a harbour, with this you are able to help the Settlers with their new start.

    Let's take a look at the harbour, which is a building allowing your Settlers to emigrate to Tavos, an archipelago and home of the new "The Settlers". There are two tiers for the harbour building in The Settlers Online. The building will be upgradable which will reduce the production time.

    Tier 1
    Tier 2

    NameDescribtionCost for Tier 2MovableTradeableDeletable
    HarbourA building allowing your Settlers to emigrate to the Tavos Archipelago

    5.000 Hardwood Planks
    6.500 Marble


    With the production:

    NameDescriptionCostsProduction Time
    Emigration OfferA few Settlers emigrate to Tavos.
    +10 coins
    10 Population4 hours (Tier 1)
    2 hours (Tier 2)

    Please be aware:
    Right next to the building spot for the harbour is a building spot for floating residences. If there is an (improved) floating residence placed, the harbour cannot be built until the floating residence is moved one spot to the right.

    1. How to obtain the Harbour?
      The Harbour is a normal Building deed that you receive from playing the quest chain

    2. How to obtain the Questchain?
      The Mini-Event will provide a specific merchant shop-category, like all the other Events. In this shop category, you can buy an Item to start the Questchain.

    3. Do I have to place the Harbour on my own?
      Yes, you have to place the harbour after receiving it from the quest chain.

    4. Will the Harbour stay after the Mini-Event ended?
      The harbour is a building that will stay and has a fixed position, it will also stay on your island after the Event. The Mini-Event itself will only provide the Questchain which is needed to obtain the Harbour deed. So, if you started the quest chain during the event you can still complete it afterwards.

    5. How often can I get the Harbour?
      The Item for the Questchain can be obtained only once. Therefore, the Harbour can also only be obtained once.

    6. Will I miss the opportunity of obtaining the Harbour if I fail to solve the Quest or miss the Mini-Event?
      You will be able to obtain the Item for the Questchain also after the Event in a different Shop-Category (this will be introduced with one of the upcoming versions).

    7. Can I get the harbour once through the event and after the event ended get another item?
      No, you can only get the harbour once. Either during the Mini-Event time or afterwards. The Limit is OVERALL one.
    This FAQ may be updated with additional questions and answers according to your feedback, so check back on a regular basis!
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    More destroyable Mountains

    Additionally, many more Mountains have been made destroyable with this update. Not all provide 2x2 square build space immediately, but at least 1x1 square and a bigger space increase after destroying a whole group of mountains. Check out the positions below.

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    The Story
    A message bound to the foot of a dove revealed a call for help from faraway lands.
    For a decade all kinds of evil foes swarm into the small town of Kalijenorod all year long.
    The declining population cannot explain why this is happening and is unable to defend themselves any longer.
    Though the invaders do not attack the people directly, they also cannot live a peaceful life anymore.
    Will you help them drive out the evildoers?"

    Additionally to the "Split City in Summer" we will now introduce the "Split City in Fall".

    Split City in Summer
    2 Player Adventure
    Needed Level: 42+ | Recommended Level: 42+
    Difficulty: 9/15
    Can be obtained through: medium & long adventure search / and trade

    Split City in Fall
    2 Player Adventure
    Needed Level: 51+ | Recommended Level: 56+
    Difficulty: 13/15
    Can be obtained through: long (from 55+) & very long adventure search / and trade

    Special Loot - SummerSpecial Loot - Fall
    Stadium snacks Stadium snacks 
    Bag of rainbow snow Bag of rainbow snow 
    Elixir Elixir 
    Machine OilMachine Oil
    Gold Fever Gold Fever 
    Rain of ArrowsRain of Arrows
    Rain of Flaming ArrowsRain of Flaming Arrows
    Exotic trees (one out of 3)Codex
    -Exotic tree
    -Lion Statue
    -Small Camel Stable
    Adjusted names, to suit in-game terms
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    Now it's time to introduce some of the new buffs and buildings available during the Habour Mini-Event! Please check out the changes for some present buffs and items too, as they are important for the understanding of the game development and also for announcements.


    New Limit
    After HW Event 2019
    Mad ScientistGeneral1x Halloween 2018
    2x Halloween 2019
    Lord DraculGeneral1x Halloween 2015
    1x Halloween 2016
    1x Halloween 2017
    1x Halloween 2018
    1x Halloween 2019
    +4 Other
    101x in Shop
    Grim ReaperGeneral1x Halloween 2015
    1x Halloween 2016
    1x Halloween 2017
    1x Halloween 2018
    1x Halloween 2019
    Younger GeminiGeneral2x Halloween 201962x in Shop + 2x in Power Pack
    Bewitching ExplorerExplorer2x Halloween 2019
    1x Halloween Calendar 2019
    72x in Shop + 2x in Power Pack

    • RENAMING Premium Friend Buff to Prestigious Friend Buff (including in mail & all bundles the buff is included) due to confusion with Premium Days.

    Power PackBundle2x 12.999 Gems (Merchant)A supernatural general accompanied by two cunning explorers does not leave a lot of wishes open.
    This monstrous bundle packs a magically powerful punch! For aspiring adventurers as well as war experienced veterans this pack adds significant power to anyone's arsenal:
    • 1x Improved Warehouse
    • 1x Frozen Manor
    • 1x Younger Gemini General
    • 1x Intrepid Explorer
    • 1x Bewitching Explorer
    • 1x Premium Friend Buff
    • 30 Premium Days (split into 3x 7days, 2x 3days, and 3x 1day)
    • 5x Hugs and Kisses
    • 5x Assassin
    • 5x Big Catapult
    • 5x Rain of Arrows
    • 5x Rain of Flaming Arrows
    • 5x Ballista
    • 1x Recruitment Guide
    • 1x Weapon Crafting Guide
    • 1x Paperwork Guide
    • 1x Mining Guide
    • 1x Farming & Hunting Guide
    • 1x Rock Mining Guide
    • 1x Wood Cutting Guide
    No / No
    Excelsior TributeTribute Building2x by Achievement A token of respect to the extraordinary journeys of the excelsior. Hooray!
    Effect: Produces 1 Crystal Shard
    Duration: 12 hours
    No / No
    Mill TributeTribute Building2x by AchievementHonoring resilience and perseverance fills all Millers with pride, producing extra flour.
    Effect: Produces 1 Flour
    Duration: 5min
    No / No
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