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Thread: [Change Log] 10/12/19

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    [Change Log] 10/12/19

    10th of December 2019

    • Xmas Event: This year's Xmas Event has been technically implemented into the game - Dev Diary coming soon!
    • Player Level 80: The maximum level cap for players is now Level 80!
    • Level 7 Building Upgrades: Certain buildings can now be upgraded to Level 7 - check the list below!
    • Oil Mill & Oil Seed: The Oil Mill has been added and Oil Seed can now be found on adventures!
    • Advanced Toolmaker: The new Advanced Toolmaker can now be built from the building menu!
    • Harbour Quest: The buff quest "The Harbour Endeavor" will be available in the merchant for those who didn't complete it!

    • The description of the Adventurous Explorer now states she is 4x as fast to match her actual speed.
    • Fixed an issue that caused Grim Reaper, Lord Dracul and Younger Gemini General to have incorrect values in the shop.

    You are invited to provide feedback > here <
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    Update 05/12/19

    • Bakery
    • Bowmaker
    • Brewery
    • Butcher
    • Coal Mine
    • Coking Plant
    • Colored Finesmith
    • Colored Papermill
    • Copper Mine
    • Exotic Wood Cutter
    • Exotic Wood Forester
    • Exoticwood Sawmill
    • Farm
    • Finesmith
    • Fisherman
    • Gold Mine
    • Granite Mason
    • Hardwood Cutter
    • Hardwood Forester
    • Hardwood Sawmill
    • Hunter
    • Improved Lettersmith
    • Intermediate Papermill
    • Iron Mine
    • Lettersmith
    • Longbowmaker
    • Mahogany Sawmill
    • Marble Mason
    • Mason
    • Mill
    • Pinewood Cutter
    • Pinewood Forester
    • Pinewood Sawmill
    • Residence
    • Saltpeter Mine
    • Silo
    • Simple Papermill
    • Stable
    • Storehouse
    • Titanium Mine
    • Toolmaker
    • Watermill

    Don't worry if you don't see your favourite building listed above; more buildings will receive their own Level 7 Upgrade in future deployments!

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