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Thread: New performance modifications

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    New performance modifications

    I already use
    - half textures
    - disabled walk animals
    - disabled walk settlers
    - disabled legacy smokes

    I would like more options.
    - I would like switch off all animations. Buildings, waters, etc. The island like a picutre, without any animations.
    - I would like switch off all buff animations. There is an option but that is not ok, I would like to know buff is active or not. A transparent buff image over the building would be useful.

    Fluent gaming experience is more important to me than beautiful animations etc. I don't like when the game is lagging. (It is not small freezes when I open windows first time, or genelars come back from adventures) that is the permanent low fps.

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    The graphics adjustments only help if your computer struggles to display the game, most of the performance issues are down to the servers being a bit slow these days and having a lot of buildings on your island makes things a lot worse. An example would be when you load an adventure map and even though its mainly empty, it will still load a broken map and gradually add bits until the map looks normal, if the servers were fast enough then you wouldn't get this slow loading.

    A new client is probably needed that can manage the server traffic better.

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