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Thread: Epic Farmyard - silo blueprint not being applied

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    Question Epic Farmyard - silo blueprint not being applied

    Got 2 x Epic silo blueprints from my last Snow White adv. I applied the 1st a few days ago to no effect did not allow Epic silo to be selected.

    Cleared out the cache and went back on today still not applied. So I appliedthe 2nd blueprint with the same result!

    The log says it's applied

    But still can't access Epic silo?

    So wondering if anyone has a solution for this or is it a glitch that support needs to fix on my account!

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    ok, in your first picture you can see that silo is now lvl 2, so it seems the first blueprint was applied
    with regards to the 2nd blueprint i would need to see another screenshot of the dropdown menu, if it does not show as updated straight away a refresh is all it takes to fix it
    just to make things clear, the epic silo part is the one with the plant -> field symbol
    lvl 1 is automatically unlocked and shows as giving 10
    lvl 2 as in your picture shows as 20
    if you have also added the 2nd blueprint this should now show as giving 30
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    Happened to me once, refresh was the solution for it.
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