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Thread: Lack of notice (again!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nogbad2 View Post
    guess you don't have any guild members in Quebec, if you did you'd have noticed they were asleep when that "notice appeared", and by the time they finished work/school, it was already too late.
    As hades rightfully wrote, so what? Not BB's fault if you assumed maintenance would take place at 7am GMT. If you know other servers got 24 hours notice then surely you also could have guessed this would happen on "our" servers (and the timeframe perhaps?).
    Anyhow with players from all around the globe, there's no pleasing everyone so next time there's a maintenance and you know the date 7 days in advance, then adapt accordingly even if that means it will take you just a couple of days to set everything back to your liking on your islands.

    PS: at least one of my guild members is from Canada. She hasnt complained so far because at best it would have been a "meh".

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    Just thought I'd let you all know the next update is planned for 4th February. So you have a week's notice ahead of time.

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