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Thread: Premium collide with Valentine zone buff ??

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    Premium collide with Valentine zone buff ??


    I exchanged card buff, got valentine zone buff which should give `Effect: +200% to resources, refiller and XP!`
    and what I recall, I think first few flower refills looks OK. Got plus 200%
    Then I turn on premium, finish some adventures, got some more flower refills so I went to apply them (half hour before Valentine zone buff ended - and cards) and refills were 1:1
    I tried fish ... and same ... 1:1 no extra resources.

    I see possible errors:
    1) Valentine zone buff in reality last only 1 hour (as when you apply cards by your self) - but still graphic was on and buff was listed in zone info
    2) Premium somehow collided with buff

    Please check

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    dropping the refills has no difference, you add 10, 10 will get added to deposit
    the valentines buffs and prem give extra IN THE ADV LOOT
    so valentines gives +200% as seen in the loot
    and then prem is the extra +50% on the line underneath
    that is it
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