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Thread: [FAQ] Ubisoft Login Guide

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    [FAQ] Ubisoft Login Guide

    Dear Settlers,

    Most of the The Settlers Online websites use Ubisoft accounts (formerly known as Uplay) for a very long time already. And now, step by step, we are introducing Ubisoft accounts on all The Settlers Online instances, as well as updating the existing implementation to the most recent version. In this thread, you can find answers to some questions that you might have.

    One of the benefits of using a Ubisoft account on The Settlers Online is that you can use the same credentials on multiple sites, for example, the main The Settlers Online page where you have your main account, The Settlers Online test server, and a lot of different platforms from Ubisoft.

    1. What are the benefits of using a Ubisoft account?
      Your Ubisoft account offers you a way to authenticate yourself across multiple Ubisoft titles, websites and platforms. It also improves the security of your profiles in a significant way. For example, you can add a security phone number for potential account recovery, manage trusted devices that can authenticate to your Ubisoft account, or even see your login history!

    2. What changes should I expect after the most recent Ubisoft account integration gets activated?
      In order to play The Settlers Online, everybody needs to authenticate (i.e. login) first. And while there are different ways to get authenticated, our recommended way is Ubisoft account. If you already use a Ubisoft account for authentication on The Settlers Online, not much will change for you - you can continue to use the same account to play the game. And in case you use a The Settlers Online account (also known as a "Legacy account"), we strongly recommend you to link it to your Ubisoft account.

    3. How can I know if I use The Settlers Online account (also known as a "Legacy account"), or not?
      If you are using a "Legacy account", you will see a special "Migrate to Ubisoft account" option when accessing the "My Profile" page (you need to be logged in).

    4. If I use The Settlers Online account (also known as a "Legacy account"), and I have a Ubisoft account already, do I need to register a new Ubisoft account?
      When you follow the "Migrate to Ubisoft account" process, you can either log in to an existing Ubisoft account or create a new one. So if you have a Ubisoft account already, you can use it.

    5. How can I register a Ubisoft account?
      You can register a Ubisoft account on The Settlers Online page, or directly here. However, if you have a Ubisoft account already, we strongly recommend you to use it, instead of creating a new one.

    6. Will I keep my in-game progression after I link my "Legacy" profile to a Ubisoft account?
      Yes, you will keep your in-game progression! The only thing that changes is the way you authenticate to your profile. The state of your progression is not affected by it.

    7. How do I authenticate to my Ubisoft account?
      In comparison to Legacy accounts, in order to authenticate to your Ubisoft account, you need to use the e-mail address that is used on your Ubisoft account, as well as your Ubisoft account password.

    8. Is the introduction of Ubisoft accounts going to affect the business model of the game?
      The Settlers Online will continue to operate as a free to play title. The introduction of Ubisoft accounts (as well as the implementation update) can be seen as a long-term strategy of us striving to offer the best quality service to all players.

    9. Can I continue to use my Legacy account to play The Settlers Online?
      For now, yes, you can continue to use a Legacy account to access your The Settlers Online profile. However, our long-term wish is to have all players who currently use Legacy accounts to link their The Settlers Online profiles to Ubisoft accounts. Currently, the migration from Legacy to Ubisoft accounts is optional, however, it will become mandatory at some point in the future. We will notify all you with at least two-weeks notice before we intend to make migration to Ubisoft accounts the primary method.

    10. How can I login to my "Legacy account"?
      If the Legacy login is enabled, you can log in to your Legacy account via a special button called "Login (Legacy account)". Please note that we strongly recommend linking all Legacy accounts to Ubisoft accounts as soon as possible.

    11. Does the UK/EU instance of The Settlers Online already have the newest Ubisoft account integration?
      Yes, the integration happened today (28.05.2020)

    If you do not have a Ubisoft account yet, we strongly recommend you to create one and link your The Settlers Online profile to it afterwards.

    Happy settling,
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