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Thread: Coronavirus, modding and acceptable chat

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    Coronavirus, modding and acceptable chat

    In these difficult times it is essential we have a forum to discuss the coronavirus as it is affecting all of our lives at the moment. To not recognise this is naive at best.

    On Sandycove we have been told by mods not to discuss the deaths etc. Well I'm sorry, but this is a factor of the virus, and with all due respect keeping it quiet is not going to stop it.

    We all showed our admiration for the health workers and key workers by clapping for them as a community the other night. That was a sign of solidarity, and it bought me to tears, as I am sure it did many of you.

    BB would not have stopped that.

    So why are they trying to stop us talking about the bad side of this pandemic? The bad side needs to be talked about too, especially for those players who are literally on their own and grieving..

    Please BB stop this "only happy chat" and allow all of us in isolation and grief to talk if we can with the only people we may have to talk to.
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    Hya jolly. I do have sympathy with your thoughts here but I have more sympathy for those who are playing who have lost friends and family to the virus and the many who will leave us still. There are many who play for the escapism from real life and at the moment maybe the less online discussion of anything virus related would be good for the majority?

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    I agree with LordLoocan. We all know that there is a problem going on in the world at the moment but we have to respect each other and support our fellow players. Discussing negative topics in chat can be very depressing. Not only are they depressing but they could be deemed inflammatory/controversial and provocative. People play Settlers Online to get escape the reality of the real world. So can we PLEASE, for the Benefit of everyone concerned keep Settlers Online as a safe space away from the negativity. If you really need to vent your frustration over the current situation in the world, then please go find a different forum.

    I agree with the moderators in keeping our little corner of the internet safe. It may seem a little harsh to some people but we have to think about the mental health of everyone else.
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    This is simply a case of identifying what should be discussed in public vs. what should be discuss in private. Of course, we're all well aware of the current situation; acts of great kindness and admiration like the one you mentioned are to be applauded and championed.

    However - deep, persistant and smothering discussion of the morbid side of the situation does very little to help in a public setting; especially that of an online game. First, it can easily be seen as fear-mongering, which can heavily affect those who panic easily, or experience depression. Secondly, there are plenty who visit our public channels/forums who use "The Settlers Online" to escape the trials and tribulations of their lives, and to be in a safe and friendly place. Third and last - we have a great deal of the playerbase who are playing the game at a very young age, which must be respected.

    If you want to discuss these things extensively, please do so only in private e.g. whisper or guild chat, not in the global channels or forum. This policy will not change.

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