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Thread: the cloaked general, what use is it, really?

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    the cloaked general, what use is it, really?

    as I see it, the cloaked general is a gimmick with its low accuracy frontal first strike damage, what looks and is described as a scout/ ambusher actually more like stumbles into a frontal assault like some drunk barbarian with very unpredicable effects.

    the skill ambush would be more aptly described as intimidate or warcry or so (fits the aforementioned drunk barbarian).
    the 7s attack round speed is totally useless, i mean, has anyone ever invested books in the skill that does the same?
    faster travel to adv is nice for a lootspot, and definetly fits the advance scout image.

    so, forgetting about the ambush skill, we have a speedier well, dracul, who visited the mad scientist and got some unstable concoction to throw into an attack with unpredictable results, but most often just a lot of smoke. well, dracul is often the choice to send to a lootspot anyway, so it fits.

    now for uses of the ambush skill, which i really do not like as the name for it.
    in combination with rapid fire, snipershot and planner (yay, 20% chance for a big bang) i can see him work to kill off defenders in the tailors adv, esp the bears with 20 bowman per 9 bears (the 140 hp ones which munch up your recruits) or one longbowmen for 100% roughneck killing, but other than that?

    and yes yes, we can always add him to the legion of the 1r and run like a mad suicide bomber, which might fit him better than most.

    now, what would i have liked for a skill called ambush:
    either, add 1 free caltrops for every trooper in the army at the start of a battle, you ambush, you picked your ground, you sow the caltrops, opens up a darn lot of options while also not being overpowered (caltrop, 4hp, 33% acc 0-20 flanking FS damage, like those pirates use). useless for the boring bog standard 1r suicide bomber, could be fun for the whole army. (if its to cheap, make caltrops in prov house) and add them like mercenaries

    the first battle on an adv per cloaked gen starts with all offensive units in his army doing min damage on the enemy as a whole (remove units based on percentage damage to total).

    or. the first battle on an adv the cloaked gen and his troops attack the enemy backwards, mortars/ cannons first, then offensive etc etc, defenders last.

    of course, then please drop the silly 500 - 5000 damage, make it a regular 120- 120 or maybye a bit more and definelty give him flanking

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    Yeah it is pitty we can not a second boris, i think getting Xp is more important. In arabian/aladin adventure 5k damage is not much , he need 100 round kill a endboss maybe? it could be i am wrong and if you invested the books right maybe ambush sniper skill get 20 procent change, i did not had enough books to max him out yet. So maybe the 2 springparks is more value for eggs?

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