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Thread: YWC guide from Sector 1

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    5 YWC in 2 hours guide from Sector 1


    this is a video guide on how to do YWC from sector 1 - you can do sector 1 how you like

    YWC sector 1 no moving

    I got fed up of moving the gens around - i can do 5 YWC with up to 18 mins to spare on the 2 hours, plus 9 mins spare while waiting for gens to attack - last gen send to final camp is 9 min walk.

    I do sector 1 with 40ms and 40mm to camp above LZ with Mary

    then Boris 30ms and 165MM to higher camp in sector 1 the old block camp

    then do 48ms 1am and 166mm to leader intercepted on way through

    also send vargus 40ms 60am and 95mm to first camp in sector 2 then you are at the video

    all gens are sent with all troops for all attacks already allocated except above slight tweak to fit

    forgot to say all gens are skilled as per wiki

    hope it works for some of you
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