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Thread: Welcome to BB_Trafffer!

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    Talking Welcome to BB_Trafffer!

    Dear Settlers,

    BB_Malkun has had to depart the team due to personal reasons; she wishes you all the best!

    But today I have the pleasure of introducing your new Community Manager: BB_Trafffer! He’ll be your go-to for anything related to "The Settlers Online", so don't be afraid to ask him for help, or even just to say a friendly hello . He's a big strategy fan too - so he's very eager to learn all there is about this game, and our illustrious community too!

    Let’s give him a very warm welcome to “The Settlers Online” Team!

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    Hey Settlers!

    Thank you BB_Saqui for the warm welcome

    I am very excited to be part of the official "The Settlers Online" team. I love strategy games and The Settlers was one of the first strategy games I ever played, so I was really happy when I had the opportunity to join the team, and be part of this wonderful and unique community. I can't wait to interact with everyone!

    See you all on our community channels. Give me a shout when you see me


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