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Thread: Change Log 19.05.20

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    Change Log 19.05.20

    New 75+ quests, daily quests & Sunflower Farm!

    19th May 2020

    • New Quests: for level 76-79 are now available!
    • Level 7 Building Upgrades: Additional buildings can now be upgraded to Level 7 - read the full list below!
    • New building: Sunflower Farm! Additionally, the buff "Sunflower Fertilizer" can be acquired through level 36 adventures or the merchant, along with two new achievements!
    • New Daily Quests: 3 new daily quests have been added into the mix!

    • Buffs: Extravagant Sugar Glue is now usable on friend islands.
    • Localisation: Adjusted the skill description of the Lucky Explorer for clarification.
    • Localisation: Unified the descriptions of area buffs to use "width x length" instead of radius.
    • Graphics: The garrison of the Cloaked General was scaled down to match other garrisons.
    • UI: The Medic General and Adventure Bookbinder now have the correct frame in the shop.
    • UI: The icon of the Cloaked General has now the correct size in the battle log.

    • Endless Coal Mine
    • Endless Copper Mine
    • Endless Gold Mine
    • Endless Iron Mine
    • Mayor's House
    • Advanced Toolmaker (added Level 2-7)
    • Barrack, Elite Barracks
    • Combat Academy
    • Combat Armoury
    • Floating Residence
    • Fairytale Castle
    • Gingerbread House

    You are invited to provide feedback > here <
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