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Thread: Level 36 adventures

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    Level 36 adventures

    Seen a lot of people asking on chat what a level 36 adventure is (L36). These are the adventures you will be/are able to start once you reach level 36.

    These are:

    1 player: Bandit Nest, Bastille island, Old Friends, Outlaws, Pirate Life,
    Invasion of Nords, Stolen Sleigh, Tikki Island and Wild Mary

    2 player More Secluded Experiments, Motherly Love, Sons of the Veld, Surprise Attack and The Nords

    3 player: Gunpowder and Victor the Vicious

    Coops: Lakeside Treasure and Raiding the Raiders

    Heart of the Wood is a level 36 scenario but not sure if they count.

    Hope that helps a few players.

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    The second (harder) tier of football maps were also L36, still a few of them kicking around.

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