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Thread: New generals worth buying?

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    New generals worth buying?

    Been away from the game for 2 years. Wich of the new generals are worth buying and skilling up Old/young gemini , cloacked etc? Only playing harder adventures.

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    Well the anniversery event coming up will give you one Old Gemini, so no need to gem that. Very useful to have. The Young Geminis are also very useful, especially on the easier missions that the game ironically is very fond of making us do. Quite often a YGG with all recreuits can soften up a camp on hard maps making subsequent attacks a lot cheaper.

    Cloaked is more situationally useful. It has it's moments but not sure I'd buy itspecifically. Event has couple of packsthat might be useful for players catching up to absence so save your gems for that IMO.

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