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Thread: The future of TSO

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    The future of TSO

    To celebrate 10 years of The Settlers Online we’d like to give you further insight into the future development of the game. As many of you are aware, the game is currently running with Flash which will no longer be supported starting next year.

    We have seen the way you are enthusiastically discussing the topic, coming up with suggestions and even working on your own solutions to protect everyone’s islands. Therefore, we are happy to share that we are currently working hard to bring The Settlers Online to improved technology. This ensures continuous operation and will also provide new possibilities for features in the future.

    We are planning to transition to the new technology as smooth as possible to avoid any prolonged downtime. A detailed plan for the transition phase will be shared in the upcoming months.

    Because of your continuous contribution to the game, we are counting on your feedback during this phase. Feel free to share your ideas and suggestions in the official TSO forum (HERE).

    Stay tuned for upcoming news & information. Together with your support, we’re excited to get TSO ready for the future!
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