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Thread: [Feedback] The future of TSO

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    can every1 come down about that?
    if there is Linux/OS support, there will be OS/Linux support (do u remember what is Darwin distro?)

    im more warried on the current war between the giants - Apple vs EPIC vs Google vs FB (and so on)

    anyway, a good news and TY!

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    From my standpoint, I don't particularly care about new features, although there's plenty of ideas that have been suggested for years, maybe after the platform change those could be looked at. But for the game to be viable at all:
    1) it needs to support at a minimum mac, ios, android and windows, maybe linux too—but if it supports the first four, that'd mean that it's probably based on widespread tech that's cross-platform anyways and would readily support linux.
    2) as you build it, the whole event system (by which I mean the queueing of things that get bundled into data transactions each second) and all those sources of lag/latency need to be more carefully engineered. The prestigious friend buff messes up the timing of everything and it's apparently because of very sloppy memory handling (partly the fault of flash); tighten this up so the core features work properly and the game can be played more than 15 minutes (with pfb engaged, 1 hour without) without having to relaunch the browser and there'll be some really happy settlers around here.

    Thanks to the devs and mods for starting a thread about this, and hoping settlers can be brought into the next decade.
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    still uncertain on where it's going towards, but at least there is a little extra hope around the corner.

    for everyone's peace of mind, move towards VR and HDR Atmos technology. at least you'll be closer to "up to date".


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    Quote Originally Posted by RinceWinde View Post
    If you can, please make bulk send geo's and explorers a thing.
    YES, please!!!
    Sending 30+ explorers one by one (especially during the event) is a pain in the neck.

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    Would be great if the next update would contain the desired technology stack Things are still very unclear now!

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    Quote Originally Posted by hades8840 View Post
    you didnt actually tell us anything for all me know and it sounds like it this new tech is a new version of the bugged standalone ...if you was aiming to use some pre -existing tech like html5 etc then you could say that and it would re-assure players as you must have something in mind u have had 5 years to deal with it ...
    The "improved technology" is not a flash or flash update.

    Quote Originally Posted by dahmmy View Post
    add to the point, its come to the point where if you raise a ticket to support, they cant even be bothered to reply..
    Could you please send me a PM with an unanswered ticket id? I'll check it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mannerheim View Post
    Why isn't a such key thing mentioned in the post as the relevant background tech used since it should be a locked decision by now? Is it cross-platform HTML5 after all even tho years of declining it or is the solution still Flash based like embedding everything in a single executable?

    One of the reasons to not mention it could be the scare fro backslash from the community.
    I understand that most of you would like to know all the details by now, and there is nothing wrong with that. We will publish more and more information as it is ready. It's really worth waiting

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    Seems all that they have done is say 'we are working on it' again but with a nice coloured banner etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord_Pasa View Post
    I second this. In fact, in the new incarnation of this game, I would suggest to take every effort to reduce the number of clicks.
    To extend this -
    - Bulk sending Geo and explorer
    - Bulk loading generals with troops (something like, I will select which are the gens I need then a panel will come with total limit of the gens and let me pack troops in single window.
    - rejuvinate feature: same as above, if I select a exhausted field / well, it will ask me if I want to rejuvinate all and based on my resources it would rejuvinate in sequential way of oldest first.
    - mines: if there are multiple mines available then clicking on one, should have option to initiate all construction.
    Definately need solutions like these.

    What about:

    Multiple window support - Be able to be on the adventure island and your own at the same time and view them on in different windows or on different screens.

    Easier to see whisper notifications, perhaps an the user's avatar pops up in the corner of the screen.

    Chat history saved between sessions
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    Explorer and Geologist Loop (Autosend/Repeat last search (continiously with a tick near portrait))

    Army Sending Setups:
    (Select Generals)
    (Select Army Upto total general capacity)
    (Fastest generals deploys first with army of its capacity (with percent types))
    3x Cloaked + 1x Boris
    Capacity = 3x215(or with skill more) + 1x195
    Selected Army = 600 Mounted Swordsman + 100 Knight = 700
    First 3x Cloaked deployed with 645/700 * 600MS + 645/700 * 100K = 553MS + 92K
    Then Boris with remaining troop

    Science System: Expand with new skills & Type Specific skill Colums & Increase extra book beyond limit possibility (may a few book)

    Island Shaping:
    Sea/Land/Mountain (Square cells)
    If dig(shovel) land, transform to sea and giving dirt
    If mine(pickaxe) mountain, transform to land and giving rock
    Sea + dirt + mayAnotherEquipmentBuff = Land so we can move land cells...
    possible mud or other types... immovable, not buildable etc...
    Move trees, deposits...

    Possible total re-init game
    All constructed buildings(normals too with upgrades) goes into starmenu (so no loss for old players)
    Reshape land, skills everything reset books goes into starmenu
    Rebalance/add productions/buffs/...
    Don't fear to add or change.

    Switch to webgl can be nice option.

    Please don't forget programming more important than graphics. We don't want lags/bugs/...
    Give developers enough time.

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    I'm sure BB made other way and have good news for us in future. Just play with our souls and mine with this thread

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