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Thread: Change Log 13/10/20

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    Change Log 13/10/20

    Technical implementation of the Halloween Event!

    13th October 2020

    • New Event: This year's Halloween Event, a large event with many new quests, achievements and shop items, has been technically implemented. The trick-and-treating officially begins on Monday, 19th of October!

    • Achievements: Changed the Black Mountains achievement to trigger on having a single deposit with 10,000 Coal.
    • Adventures: The Statues in the Sleeping Volcano Adventure can now be targeted by Battle Buffs.
    • Buildings: Fixed the positioning of the Observatory.
    • Text: Fixed various localization issues.
    • UI: The decorative red trees now have the correct size listed in the shop.
    • Other: Anniversary Event Resources will be converted in this update!

    You are invited to provide feedback > here <
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