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Thread: lost gens

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    lost gens

    can any1 tell me WTH is going on ?? !! its not the beloved TSO we was playing i just lost three gens ... this is not good

    i prefer to loose anything except gens

    i got invt to join siege after i accept it i sent my gens , and when my gens walking in home island to store house to go to siege island i left the adv

    i clicked leave adventure but my gens still walking in home island >> it was the last walk i have seen for my gens :'(

    not showing in star , i try to refresh , clear cash , change browser but nothing new :/

    have any1 this bug ..??

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    it'll all get sorted when that adventure ends or when you log off for 20 min or so

    i've seen it before

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    Once sent if you leave the adventure your gens are still in transit to the adv, but you can't see them as you can no longer visit the adventure and look in star there. Upon the next server re-sync your gens will automatically be sent home, this means there could be up to 20mins before you can see them returning home in your star menu visible from home island. You then need to wait the normal length of time before they return home. Worse case scenario is 50 mins before your gens return.
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