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Thread: help with bomberti math

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    help with bomberti math

    Need someone with better math skills to help me out i noticed a big difference with the what the swift sim said i should get to what i actually got in doing bomberti and with all the messing with pfb wanted to check its all correct

    so will try to explain what i found

    so tested it several times doing first camp only it has

    110 defensive miners worth 20 xp each so total 2200xp
    150 reckless riders worth 45 xp each so total 6750 xp so total for camp of 8950 xp this is confirmed on test server with no buffs running

    so i tested this on live server with no gens using a big cat and pfb running and got 13425 xp confirming that pfb now works so I then tried gens

    using ygg first wave with 3 fast learner and he killed 106 reckless riders so 106*45=4770 xp plus 30% fast learner should be 6201 xp
    then tremble he kills 100 defensive miners plus remaining 44 reckless riders so should be a total of 12540 xp plus 30% so total of 16302 xp so a total of 22503 xp for both generals including any traits the generals have and skills

    with pfb and scouting post that should of been (and this is where i went wrong hence asking someone smarter then me to show me my error) 22503+11251(scouting hut) +16887 (pfb) total 50631 xp but i only got 36705xp

    so somewhere i went wrong and its prob looking right at me so if someone could point it out would be grateful


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    The Bonis are additive, first you have to add all Bonis together and then add it on the Base Value of the defeated Units. And on Top of that you get the 50% of PFB(and also Premium).

    So your YG gets 80%(Fast Learner30% + Scout50%) and the TB 280% (same80% + his 200%)

    YG wave kill units worth 4770 XP * 80% = 8586
    TB wave kill units worth 4180 XP *280% = 15884

    So the Campkill is worth 24.470XP. On this you add the PFB (50% = 12.235) u get the 36.705 XP

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