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Thread: [LIVESERVER] New downloadable client

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    [LIVESERVER] New downloadable client

    Dear settlers!

    After tomorrow's maintenance (18.12.2020) the new live server downloadable client will be provided. WITHOUT this client you will no longer be able to log into the game. This manual should be read very carefully. So far this client is 45.3 MB in size.

    NOTE: If you have already tested the client versions on the test server, the client might tell you that you have an old client version and ask you to uninstall it. Click on "okay", the old client will be uninstalled automatically and the installation of the new client will follow directly.

    1. log in to the live server page as you normally do.

    You can download the newest version here (64-bit systems) and here (32-bit systems):

    2. Start the download (the file will be saved in the folder %AppRoaming):

    3. You can now click on the downloaded file in your browser to start the installation process:

    4. Depending on your security system, a warning popup may appear. The warning might read as follows:
    The computer has been protected by Windows. You can ignore this warning because it is a "false positive" message:

    5. Click on "more information" to open a new panel:

    6. Click on "Start anyway":

    Other warning popups could look like this:

    7. Once the client is installed, go back to the login page ( and click on the big blue "play button":

    8. A popup appears and you have to accept the use of the link:

    9. Now we are almost done. You will see the client loading on the website. Don't worry about the popup window from Harman, that's just what the client will run on (HARMAN a Samsung company). You can read more about it here. Harman has developed a support program for Adobe® Flash® Player and is an official partner:

    10. You have now successfully loaded the game:

    If you are unable to start the game even after following these instructions. Please also pay attention to the following instructions:

    1. do not download the client as administrator (because you cannot start the client as administrator).
    2. do not change the folder that is noted in the installation directory. If it is "only" installed, it works. If it is changed, it may not work.
    3. if no popup appears at point 8, you may not be logged in properly. Click on "News" again and log in normally.

    If there are any other problems with the live version, please report them in the corresponding feedback thread here.
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    Issue Troubleshooting

    We understand that some of you are experiencing an issue with our new Downloadable Client for The Settlers Online. Please note that we do not support macOS with this interim downloadable client - macOS players will be able to play again when we release our Unity port later this Spring! You must be running a 64-bit version of Windows to proceed.

    We have identified an issue where a file is missing from the installation, that can be resolved by the following steps:
    1. Please make sure you've attempted to start the client at least once so that the necessary folders are created
    2. Download this file - you may need to right-click the link and choose "Save Link As" depending on your browser
    3. Once you have downloaded the file, please rename it to "client.swf"
    4. Navigate to the following folder on your device: C:\Users\YourUsernameHere\AppData\Local\Ubisoft\The Settlers Online\Client

    5. You can also copy and paste the following into the Windows Explorer search bar: %LOCALAPPDATA%\Ubisoft\The Settlers Online

    6. If you see an existing "client.swf" file, please delete it

    7. Paste the file you downloaded in step#1 into the "Client" folder
    8. Close the folder and attempt to run the client via the "Play Now" button on the website - please give it 5-10 minutes upon running to allow it to load.

    Additional Troubleshooting Steps:

    I can't get the client to work on Windows 7:
    The application doesn't start
    • Do not try and run the client directly from the installation folder. You can only start the client by logging into the website and pressing the "Play Now" button.
    My Anti-virus blocks the game
    • Some Anti-virus programs may incorrectly identify game files as harmful. Please add the game installation folder to your Anti-virus whitelist/exceptions.
    When I click "Play Now", I get redirected to download the client again
    • This will always happen when you click "Play Now", please do not download the game client again, and instead just wait until the client starts. Make sure to check the client isn't open but minimised in the task-bar.
    Something went wrong when I tried to close the client
    • This error message suggests that the client process hasn't shut down correctly. Please find the process (TheSettlersOnline.exe) in your Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Delete) and close it manually. Wait for one minute and then try and launch the client again.
    Legacy Login Issue
    • If you cannot log in using "Legacy Login" with a legacy account, please try this:

      1) Open:

      2) You will see 3 Login options: Legacy Login | Ubisoft Login | Facebook Login - please click "Facebook Login" instead of "Legacy Login"

      3) Now go back, to the main page (you can use the "back" button). Now please click Legacy Login and try to log in.
    Steam Players
    • If you are a Steam user, please contact our support team so we can disconnect your TSO profile from Steam, allowing you to merge into your Ubisoft account. Support Team will provide you all the instructions.
    Mac & Linux OS
    • You can also find some guides on how to run the client on macOS made by players here.
    • There are unofficial ways to launch the game on Linux, from our players. For example here.

    Hopefully, the above steps will help you get up and running, and enjoy "The Settlers Online" this holiday season. If you continue to run into issues after trying all the above steps, please contact us via any of our usual channels.

    A big thank you to "QuaYeR" from TSO DE with his original guide.
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    SWF update

    Moderation note
    We have adapted, updated and corrected the additional file (SWF) in our instructions.
    The guide now contains the new file and therefore a fix to the error "Your client could not be updated".
    To play with the latest game version, you will need to download this SWF-file and add it to the noted folders.

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