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Thread: tiny text with new client

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    tiny text with new client


    I have this issue and saw a few mention it in global and help.
    So basically chattext and buildings and quest texts are about half in size and thats getting pretty small to read.
    no options available to change this either in the menu, by rightclicking in the client or rightclicking on the client in the taskbar.

    Any1 with ideas or able to pass it onto staff?

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    I find the display a bit blurry as if I'd gone back a decade or so. I can adjust the island itself with zooming on my mouse but Chat, the Quest list, the Friends across the bottom are all about 25% bigger than before & unaffected. Ugly & hard on my eyes. I changed the DPI by right clicking on the client but this made the Chat etc tiny. Even harder on my eyes. Can BB suggest a setting which will correct this?
    Otherwise all OK yesterday. Thanks BB.

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    I'm playing with 3 things to sort out or at least lessen this problem for me:
    • Native magnifying glass in Windows.
    • Resolution of the computer screen.
    • DPI adjustment of Windows displays.

    None of them give me satisfactory results so far, but will have to find some workable compromise through time.

    The problem is not a bug. While we were playing in browser, the game took over magnification of TSO page in browser and adjusted game objects accordingly. Client does not follow the browser setting and sets itself based on screen resolution.

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