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Thread: How to change the Downloadable Client's icon on the taskbar

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    How to change the Downloadable Client's icon on the taskbar

    Some players have asked if the game icon can be changed. Maybe you want to change the game icon on the taskbar to your own avatar or just make it look like anything else. Here's how!

    Navigate to the folder where the client is: 'C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Local\Ubisoft\The Settlers Online\Client'

    Right-click on Client.exe and choose 'Pin to Taskbar'

    You now have the standard client icon on the taskbar. Shift + Right-click on it and choose 'Properties', then press the 'Change Icon' button.

    You can use the icon from any .exe, .dll or .ico file. There are many to choose from in c:\Windows\System32\shell.dll.

    You will need to log out of Windows, and back in again, before the change takes place.

    If you want a custom picture for your icon there are many icon creators/editors available online, but it can be as simple as saving a screenshot as a 32x32 pixel .bmp file and changing the file extension to .ico.

    Please note: The icon will always be on the taskbar, even when you aren't playing, and that you cannot launch the game from the taskbar icon - it still has to be launched from the website 'Play Now' button.
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    just open task manager restart explorer then icon appear

    convert png to ico here

    download and install

    in C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Local\Ubisoft\The Settlers Online\Client'
    use in iconchanger ad the converted pic in same changer
    then icon is only there when client is in use
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    Some players thank you very much

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