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Thread: macOS / 32 Bit System Announcement

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    macOS / 32 Bit System Announcement

    Dear settlers,

    We know that some of you are used to play on macOS or 32-bit Windows systems and thus are not able to play currently. We are truly sorry for it. We had wished for the new client to work on all platforms and operating systems right from the start. But we must admit that not only you but the development team as well has to face technical challenges and (sometimes unforeseen) difficulties with all the change that is going on in our beloved game. Further, getting proper support for all platforms involves not only our own development team’s effort but also coordination with some other partners, meaning that things are not always completely in our own hands; hence today’s statement:

    We are very sorry, but we won’t be able to roll-out the macOS version of the client and - for macOS users - have to point to the Unity version of “The Settlers Online” that will be available later, as planned.

    Let us again apologize in all honesty for not having better news for affected players.
    We are still working on proper support for 32-bit Windows and will let you know about our progress as soon as possible.

    Feedback-Thread LINK
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