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Thread: New Building - A fortress to house all the generals all in one place.

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    My views kind of mimick above but would like to expand

    A generals island, maybe let us build one, like the palm island, so we raise it out from the sea, spending resources to develop it.
    It could be tiny to start and get increasingly bigger as we level up. So maybe 2 generals space per 10 levels.
    Each slot on the generals island would be coded, Eg G1, G2 etc (why later)

    I would also, stop generals landing on the home isle, but allow manual placement on there as necessary (for clearing camps etc)

    Further allow movement of the tavern to the new island, and make it also a place to do two things with generals, allow it to become the generals hub so that most generals interaction is through this building.
    Also allow it to be in tabs, so you can move your generals between them, the large amount of generals many do not use can be sent to a tab for "RR&R" (see below), whilst the ones your currently using can sit on the "active duty" tab

    Also allow for each general a choice of "landing place". So either a: Gxx position per the generals island landing locations (so a general assigned one of these will always land in the same place and no other gen would land there), b: home isle or c: tavern. Any generals returning to the tavern would go to the active duty tab.

    Lastly the RR&R (rest, recuperation and retraining) tab.
    Allow any generals on here to be returned to active duty obviously, but also, allow them to be assigned jobs or retraining
    Jobs would be such as making a catapult, so a week task to make a small, two week to make a large catapult, obviously apply sensible costs
    The long one being retraining, so allow some of the useless gens to go back to military school for a chance to end up being reskilled. (reskilled simply being a chance to convert to another gen type) should be a long and semi expensive thing (such as needing 1000 of every weapon type, a small and large catapult etc), so maybe 3 months long duration would be reasonable.

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    this is an old idea suggested over and over again... i really can't understand why bb have never implemented it. maybe they should try playing the game themselves!

    we don't need a new building, the gens can reside in the tavern, u know the place where u buy ur 1st gens! a nice interface to load unload is needed. I'd at least like a bulk retrench/send button. I suggested building an island with resources some time ago, so I'm on board with that. A tab for resting/retired gens (and other specialists) is also a gr8 idea. allowing a choice of landing spots may prove very difficult to implement. Lets give bb some breathing space and hope they take notice this time around.

    BB u r inundating us with specialists please update the UI(s), we are desperate.
    ofc i talk to myself. Sometimes I need expert advice

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