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Thread: [PR0] The Professionals are recruiting

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    [PR0] The Professionals are recruiting


    Posting as old guild leader not active and cannot delete old thread

    I´m a level 72 player and guild leader at The Professionals with the guild tag PR0.

    we are a growing guild when most are dying we have recruited a few new members in recent months and increased to 30 active members .

    we are a chilled out group if you want to chat thats cool, if you just want to play your game but like the security of people around for help thats ok too, you can lurk if you like plenty of people to whisper if you need anything.

    looking for people new to the game who are looking to level up we have lots of experienced players, looking for people who played the game before but have been away for a while we will help get you up to speed on what you missed.

    also looking for lost souls rattling around in empty guild houses or guild mergers.

    in chat we speak English looking for players all around the world most of the guild are Europe based but we do have some southern hemisphere players and USA based.

    if this sounds like what your looking for please mail me in game or apply through our guild page in game.

    looking forward to seeing you.
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