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Thread: [Feedback] Easter Event 2021

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    we've been crying out for a better system in bookbinder for years and years. instead you gave us tribs and enabled us to make them in rph.

    so why are you bombarding us with speed buffs? If u tried playing the game yourselves u too would soon have mountains of glue in ur star menu that u will never use coz its pointless. give it up bb plz, and stop giving obscure deifnitions of items that confuse us (and con us), something else u have been doing for years and years!
    ofc i talk to myself. Sometimes I need expert advice

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    Hey all,

    Some updates if you haven't seen them on the forum yet:

    1. Easter Quest line stuck

    We're aware of this issue, but if you experience this issue, please contact our support team directly, they will be able to help you.

    We plan to resolve the issue by awarding any "missed" Easter Event Achievements in a future update. Please keep an eye on our usual channels e.g. website, forum, social media etc, for more information soon.
    2. Love Statue Buff

    After investigation, we found that it was indeed just a localization error, especially as no "new buff" was announced. With the upcoming version update, the localization will be adjusted so that this buff works as intended (no longer output +!). We have read and noted the wishes about a "buff with output+". It Will be reviewed, but we cannot specify a timeframe. However, the lovers statue will remain as it is with an adjusted/fixed localization.

    If you still have any concerns/issues please contact our support team directly.
    3. Spacious Storehouse "Check" button checks for 2019 achievements

    It's just a visual error. In fact, it works for the achievements of 2021.
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