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Thread: Gem pit (increase)

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    Red face Gem pit (increase)

    I was wondering when we will get an increase in the number of gem pits we can buy from merchant ( hoping 5 more ). It's been years, since we've had an update in regards to the gem pits.
    I believe that are many players , like myself , that would like to have the opportunity to buy more gem pits. My last gem pit was bought 4-5 years ago and the mines are long gone the meantime , lots of stuff has been added to the merchant and while , we can buy gems from the shop , would be nice to have a daily production of gems ,( gems that will be used to buy items from the merchant without having to use our " credit cards" every time) . Having more gem pits, doesn't stop us , to buy more gems from the shop , to top up .

    Was looking for the old thread ,in regards to the gem pit ,but couldn't find it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ramurele View Post
    Having more gem pits, doesn't stop us , to buy more gems from the shop , to top up .
    Yea its precisely what it does.

    I dont know about EU version in particular, but on other language version I dont know a single person who has spent any money on the game besides me, from the inception of the gem pits all the people I know figured out that, given enough patience and only having to hoard enough gems to initially buy one, 10 gem pits means 200k gems for free.

    Havent checked gem prices for a while, but last I checked its about 1k € per player BB is never going to get, because they threw alot of the only in game currency they can make money on on players for absolutely free. Ironically, the amount is also big enough, that you can buy almost everything that has real in game value for that, without ever having to 'top up' (and even more so now if you added another 100k into the mix).

    While im not much of a conspiracy theorist, I wouldnt be surprised if current state of the game wasnt tied directly to the fact they deliberately decided to NOT make alot of money last time the gem pits were available

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    it is more likely it was a simple miscalculation and misunderstanding of mentality of players- a drip drip of 1 pit at a time might induce people to buy more and have the pits for years down the line and also thinking a load of people would buy gems to get pits and so make a load of cash in a short period of time

    Reality was, many people just "saved up" with the free in game gems to buy a pit, saved up more to buy more pits and just got all pits that way

    The biggest miscalculation IMHO was abolishing vouchers. There will always be a minority willing to throw a load of cash at the game and as not all goodies can be bought in merchant (in big enough quantity) these people will sell the vouchers to other players for in game items - In the fist 2-3 years this was a nice brisk business on starter pack vouchers and other vouchers - a gem voucher for x amount of improved silo's etc or back then, golden parrots

    It is not really a secondary market as u cant exchange for cash, it is not really hugely different from what happens now but it would really get a lot more money in the pocket (i mean, if u want to throw money at the game u sell "gem bought item" in the trade channel and u get plenty of takers. Vouchers would make that trade a lot brisker as many a free-to-play player will be willing to buy vouchers for in game items to get extra premium time, extra special generals and such and that group of people that is willing to sell the gems/vouchers is still out there - ready to be tapped

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